June 26th, 2005


can't get you out of my head.

well they've turned off razorlight for some weird aftrican thing on the other channel, so i'm back on coldplay, and they're doing kylie's can't get you out of my head. it's...weird. especially since they haven't changed the words in the slightest, and you don't expect chris martin to say "boy, your loving is all i think about!"
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    Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Coldplay

club foot

i have come to the conclusion that kasabian's club foot is one of the most amazing songs live!!! it was absolutely fantastic!

arnold swhar...whatever his name is, works out to the album! imagine working out to club foot! i might try that!!!
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    Club Foot - Kasabian

i was tagged.

i was tagged, don't remember who by, and frankly i don't care. i know they're a great person, but i'm not exacly in the best of moods.

Directions: List 10 celebrities you think are attractive then tag 7 of your friends

[in no particular order as i'm leaving some of the answers as they are already]

1.Johnny Borrell
2.Carlos Barat
3.Pete Doherty
4.John Barrowman
5.Ian Curtis
6.Brandon Flowers
7.Ricky Wilson [pre beard and fatness]
8.Billie Joe Armstrong
9.Billy Lunn
10.Matt Bellamy
[EDIT]I'm very sorry, but i forgot one so I'm having 11!
11. Alex Zane

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