June 22nd, 2005


the exam, the hair-dye, and the CAPTAIN! <3

so i went to do my physics exam this morning, it was so short! we had an hour and a half, and it only took me about 45 mins including checking! so i doodled on the desk. i filled half the desk by myself, and some of the other side. most of it is declaring my obsession with captain jack, but there's other stuff too. it makes for interesting reading, i'll take a picture tomorrow!

i couldn't be arsed staying for the drama revision, so i went home and watched a certain few videos that amy knows about! [CJ!!!<3] and then i headed off to the hairdressers.

lewis the hairdresser is so cool, but i think i scared him! he said his bag was like a TARDIS, at which point i got extremely giddy and went on a captain jack high, he looked a bit scared, but he didn't mind my obsession. he was scarier though! he came out with the most random quote:

"the floor has more germs than in your tuppence!" hahaha! eww lewis!

my hair is so cool, a mixture of brown, bright red and purple, and it looks so cool!

i then got to wait half an hour for dad to pick me up, so i went in somerfield for food, and then got to hang around on a wall looking like one of the friendly neighbourhood teenage delinquants! fun! dad eventually turned up though.

earlier today, i sent amy a link to probably the weirdest fan fiction i've ever read. it's a crossover piece between doctor who and franz ferdinand. sounds weird already, gets worse.

it features bob running from the bathroom in sheer terror wearing only a towel when seeing the tardis in a bath, alex staring at nick's crotch, paul shouting in scottish at rose, the doctor fixing amps, and jack and nick in a spot of homosexual passion. why so all these fan fics make the characters gay? captain jack isn't gay! he's just a natural flirt, and only kissed the doctor because he knew there was a chance he'd die [which he did, but rose brought him back! good girl!]. remember, he kissed rose too! i don't even mind bisexuality, but jack can't be gay!!! plus, nick's getting married! what would his fiancee say about him sleeping with a 51st century american male timelord who hides lazers up his arse? oh wait, ti says in the opening paragraph, jack's bisexual, so that's ok.

it is funny, so if you fancy laughing at something disturbing, here's the link.

doctor who/franz ferdinand

prepare to be scared.

so now i leave you all safe in the knowledge that i have funky hair and i love captain jack!

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