May 14th, 2005


dance my libertines___DANCE!

how my day has turned around! my cousin fell and burst her nose open when i was babysitting her, so that wasn't good, but everything is so great now thanks to this person!


because of her, i now have the two greatest libertines clips in the history of this world EVER! and they both involve dancing!

the first is what a waster. pete's singing, carl is playing the drums [and he doesn't have a fucking clue what he's doing], and gary's dancing! tis fabulous!

the second is peter and carlos singing dream a little dream in filthy mcnasty's. carl gets up in the middle of it and does a lickle dance, which is equally as hilarious as gary's!

and thus i leave you, urging you all to head over to the journal of

myska_x and getting these clips for yourself! now i'm off to get another dancing carlos clip!
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    watching gary dance to what a awster!