May 8th, 2005


i have developed an unhealthy obsession with a willy mason song.

rooting though my cd's the other day, i stumbled across the NME cool list cd. i thought "oh cool, this has babyshambles and that weirdly cool joanna newsom song on!" so i started listening to it, then i realised the last track was willy mason, with a song called live it up. i'm now officially OBSESSED with that song, it's amazing! so i went in oldham the next day, popped in HMV and bought myself an NME and the new hot hot heat album. i then browsed the shelves for willy mason's where the humans eat, but didn't have enough, so i thought i'd call in music zone, as that's usually cheaper. it was £2 cheaper, which seems very good, but i was still £1 off the price. i had enough the next day, so i bought it then. much to my disappointment though, live it up isn't even on it! still, it has oxygen and so long, and if he can leave live it up off the album, what's on there must be pure brilliance! and it is! i still think live it up should be on there though! hot hot heat's album's fabulous too. okle, i guess i'm off now. sorry for boring you! bye!
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    Everyday I Love You Less And Less - Kaiser Chiefs