April 17th, 2005


music when the lights go out.

well, in terms of music, i am extremely happy!

one of my favourite albums EVER the libertines by [you'll never guess] the libertines [YOU GUESSED IT? DAMN!] got to number 50 in the 100 greatest albums ever! in today's chav culture,&with all the negative tabloid shit about pete doherty, that's pretty good. i'm still undecided though whether or not i prefer up the bracket. at the moment i'd say yes, but i'm not particularly sure why. up the bracket contains my favourite song death on the stairs, but the libertines also includes some amazing songs& it's hard to choose between the two. also carl barat's on 100 greatest albums! he's only been shown once so far saying "LETS DO IT!"&slapping his hands on his legs excitedly, which i enjoyed very much, but undoubtedly he'll talk about the libertines.

in other news, RAZORLIGHT'S SOMEWHERE ELSE IS NUMBER 2 IN THE CHARTS! with amarillo still up there, i doubted it would reach number 1 like i wanted, but still NUMBER 2! razorlight's highest entry to date! ooh the similarities between razorlight&the libertines increases! the libertines hightest single entry was number 2 with can't stand me now, as was razorlight with somewhere else. up all night&the libertines both reached number one in the album charts. woohoo!

today i also saw an advert saying up all night was out on monday___it's been out fot months! also, it said somewhere else was on it! it's not!

anyway, i better get back to fucking drama coursework&waiting for carlos to appear.

err and for current mood, i'm not actually high, though if i was, my drama coursework would be extremely interesting!

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