April 16th, 2005


they're just NARCISSISTS!

i was bored&with nothing to do except coursework, i decided to be a bit narcissistic and take loads of pictures of myself. i don't know why. dad's uploading them at work tomorrow, so i'll have them then. i don't even know why i did it, i look terrible! ahh well!


they're just narcissists!

well wouldn't it be nice to be dorian grey,

just for a day?

they're just narcissists!

oh, what's so great to be dorian grey,

every day?

in other news, i've been updating my "almost non-existant" MSN Space. it's now extremely cool, and the link to that's here. hyperlinking is fun.

and here's the link to myspace, just for the hell of it! here it is!

so anyway...i'm bored!

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