April 10th, 2005


there's a fine line between happiness&sadness


1. i missed out on entering a kaiser chiefs comp by two days.

2. i missed kaiser chiefs presenting popworld.

3. i've had the haunting lyrics of she's hearing voices stuck in my head all day whilst playing hide and seek in yorkshire with my 6 year old cousin. not a good combination.

4. i can't find be your own pet's "damn damn leash" anywhere.

5. i had to spend my saturday night doing shitty coursework, coz i had no other time to do it and it's due in tomorrow.

6. i have a college interview tomorrow.

7. i'm down to my last 19 creme eggs [of 38].


1. the kaiser chiefs competition was only for clothes which i'm getting anyway.

2. kaiser chiefs' popworld appearance is repeated tomorrow.

3. she's hearing voices is scary and good at the same time.

4. razorlight's "somewhere else" is out tomorrow, and i am determined to find damn damn leash.

5. my expressive arts coursework is now finished.

6. i miss half of school tomorrow due to my college interview, meaning i don't have to have my drama coursework finished till wednesday.

7. creme eggs are extremely tasty.

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