April 6th, 2005


my continuing TRL adventure!


Well I got home and checked my emails. Got one of TRL lady (I won't say name and stuff coz I'm not allowed to do that.)

hi hayley,
I'm really sorry but we aren't going to have time to have you as a caller today, we are going to still play the track and mention your name, i will keep your details and we'll have you next time,
Then I watched it. Dave said "This is from Hayley in Oldham. Can you please dedicate this song to Bethany and Scarlett who are my two closest friends. It's one of my favourite Libertines songs and it's called Time For Heroes." And then they played it.
Anyway...TRL Lady said I get to ring up and request another time and she's kept my details. I'm not complaining, Alex wasn't on today. Talking to Dave Berry wouldn't be the same. So now I need to think of a new song to request when I finally do get to ring. Anyway, I hope Beth and Scaz appreciate my lickle message. Toni (my sis) was upset that I didn't dedicate it to her. She'd never even HEARD a Libertines song until she stole my mp3 player off me on holiday, and now she's like OMG I LOVE THE LIBERTINES! She can't even tell the difference between Pete and Carl sometimes...like 5 minutes ago for instance. Anyway, when I know when I actually will be on TRL talking, I'll let you know!
Fare thee well.
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