March 31st, 2005


My First Journal

Well here I am! My first journal! I'll probably use this to put down some random scribblings, usually in rhyming format (anyone who's been to my MySpace account knows what I mean!) or to just write random crap. Speaking of MySpace, this is my account: So be sure to check that out! Anyways, laters!


The Adventures Of Yodelling Jack!

Image hosted by STUPIDLY I LEFT THIS SEX POT OUT OF IT! Whilst on holiday, there was a very old man in a pub who used to get up on stage and yodel! So I tuend him into a superhero and wrote a story about him! Still interested? Ok. Some of the characters may need explaining: Yodelling Jack - extremely old superhero who yodels Bassin' Bob - Bob of Franz Ferdinand, Yodelling Jack's sidekick Pete and Carl - Pete and Carl of The Libertines Kaiser Chiefs - Brilliant Band Franz Ferdinand - Brilliant Band Charlotte Hatherley - Singer/Guitarist Gwen Stefani - Singer Jake Shears - One of the gays in Scissor Sisters Charlotte Cooper - Bassist in The Subways Gordon Burns - Newsreader Outrage - Very shitty band from Ashton, singing this years Non-Smoking day song, cheap imitation of Busted! Bedingfield Army - terrible singers, brothers and sisters Crazy Frog - AARGH! Sweety The Chick - Crazy Frog's arch enemy Well now you know the characters, are you still interested? If you are I'll post the story!
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My Libs Song

You scored as Radio America. You are 'Radio America' Congratulations. You are a quiet, laid back sort of person, with a very sweet sensitive nature. You'd love to just walk away from everything and live your life simple and pure on the open roads, guitar in hand, and someone you love by your side


Radio America


What a waster


What Katie Did




Music When the Lights go out


What libertines song are you?
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Soundtrack Of My Life


Created by the0sonic0wench and taken 293 times on bzoink!

Name the song that would be best suited to play in the background of...
Opening credits:East Of Eden - Babyshambles
Waking Up:Morning Glory - Oasis
Getting Dressed:Hokey Cokey (you put your left leg in!)
Introduction of your friends:I'll Be There For You - The Remembrants
Normal Day:Golden Touch - Razorlight
Encounter with enemies:I Get Along - The Libertines
Being alone, feeling regret:Fall Fall Fall - Razorlight
Doing exactly what you love, feeling ecstatic:Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll - The Killers
At a party, being the center of attention:Dancing Queen - Abba
Being jealous of someone close:Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Can't keep your eyes off someone:The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
Feeling failure:Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs
Big change:Changes - David Bowie
Mental breakdown, tragedy:Somewhere Else - Razorlight
Driving:Midnight Show - The Killers
Getting in a huge fight with an enemy:I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs
Love/sex scene:Bed Of Roses - Bon Jovi
Sleeping:Mr Sandman
Death:Grey Will Fade - Charlotte Hatherley
Your funeral:Always - Bon Jovi
The world without you:Mad World - Gary Jules
Closing credits:Death On The Stairs - The Libertines

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Synchronised Creme Egg Eating


My friend Laura and I invented a sport...Synchronised Creme Egg Eating!

What you do is you go on MSN and without even watching each other on WebCam, you eat a Creme Egg at exactly the same time!

We were so good we could have made it to the Olympics!!!!

Sadly that wasn't to be...

...Laura has used up her supply of Creme Eggs, rendering me partnerless!

I urge you to finish what I started! Team up with friends, eat Creme Eggs and try and get to the Olympics, sadly something we couldn't achieve...

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