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more london thoughts.

if you look here, there is a bit of perspective.

it's true. of course we were all worried about the bombs, because of course, it's in our country, and some of us know people in london or actually live in london, but it's true, 33 dead in london, 30,000 in africa. kinda echoes what they were saying at live 8 about something would be done if it happened in our country, and now something has, so it just makes me more depressed. so depressed infact, i ate the last of my frozen creme eggs from easter. now i just hope london can recover, and we can also help africa recover too.

no matter what they do, they can't destroy the spirit of albion. i just thought it was important to remember we're not the only ones in need. so thanks light_maiden for that!

and the last of my london friends has got in touch! she's ok!


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