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there are some really sick bastards in this world. seriously. on the day the G8 are trying to end poverty, what happens? four bombs go off, right in the middle of london. it's disgusting. i've just read a bulletin my friend beth left on myspace. it was really very sad. in fact, i'll let you see it for yourselves.

Anyone else got a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach??

I've just spent all morning frantically switching between trying to contact my sister and trying to talk to my mum. My sister was right in the middle of where the explosions went off and she didnt know what to do, she was just wandering around trying to work out what to do while i relayed information from the news to her. Luckily she should be ok now, but that can't be said about others. How anyone can do this sort of thing is beyond me.

ITN seem to have different views on it however...zooming in so we can get a close look at the bus that was torn to pieces and encouraging people to send in any footage they have of the explosions....sick sick people......

imagine if that was your sister. i know if my sister was stuck in the middle of that, i'd be terrified! and ITN, what bastards. why the fuck would we want to see the mangled bus in MORE detail. it is really really sick. i've known beth for 5 years, and she's one of my closest friends, all i can think of is how scared she must have been for her sister. it's absolutely fucking disgraceful!

i've got bbc news 24 on. at least 33 have died. do these people have no conscience at all? now i get to look at the paramedics frantically trying to help people. my mum's a paramedic. imagine if that was manchester? my mum's only just gone back to work after being off for months with stress, and imagine if she was greeted back with something like this?

it's absolutely disgusting, i just can't think straight at all.

it's days like this i re-think wanting to move to london. then again, it could happen anywhere. that just makes me feel even more terrible.

i hardly ever pray, but i will today, and i hope you do too.


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