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If you really need it, you just won't leave it behind. [entries|friends|calendar]
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And now I find it hard to say goodbye, so I'll just say goodnight my friend. [Saturday
November 26th, 2005 at 12:51am]

It's with a heavy heart I say my farewell to this here journal. Starting tomorrow, I shall be fate_with_me.</span>

if you really need it5

I'm just consistantly inconsistant. [Thursday
November 24th, 2005 at 7:12pm]
Because I'm a dirty little thief, I stole this off Jane.

Question: What, if anything, reminds you of me?
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I was picked up and then dropped off in a culture counter-clockwise turned around. [Thursday
November 24th, 2005 at 1:48pm]
I'm currently obsessed with this songCollapse )
And this songCollapse )

And Hot Hot Heat in general.

So yesterday Tasha and I finished our Snow White story, which is here.

Snow WhiteCollapse )
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Oh no, not me, I never lost control. [Saturday
November 19th, 2005 at 8:35pm]
MeCollapse )
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Somewhere, a star [Friday
November 18th, 2005 at 11:07pm]
I told Gemma today.
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I am the passenger, and I ride and I ride... [Thursday
November 17th, 2005 at 6:47pm]

Yes my dears, I am back. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Other than a quick update earlier in the week, and a proposition for a certain Australian gentleman, my LJ appears to have been neglected.

What caused this stony silence, I hear you mutter. Why stick to the shadows of LJ, you ask. What the fuck have you been doing?

I'll tell you. I've been busy.

You may be shocked to learn I actually have a life outside of LJ, and yes, it has been packed recently. I will not bore you with the details. However, I can tell you most of my coursework is finished, my drama piece is finally on track, I've had fun catching up with friends, and Nick thinks I'm a photoshop wizard.

Here's a few college related highlights:

Creative WritingCollapse )

Nick In Film StudiesCollapse )

We watched the opening sequence of Scream, and Alex ended up practically jumping onto my knee because she was scared. She clutched at me for the rest of the sequence. I felt like I was in Saved By The Bell, where the lads take the girls to a scary movie as an excuse to cuddle the frightened girl. Except hugging Alex wasn't part of my plan. Nor am I a boy. I just don't get scared at films.

WELL DONE REBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And now I know how Joan Of Arc felt. [Thursday
November 17th, 2005 at 6:09pm]
Jesus Christ. May I fuck Dylan please?

I have a story to tell you later, but for now I cannot be arsed.
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Did you see the way she looked at me? [Monday
November 14th, 2005 at 5:47pm]

Thursday I spent £10 on magazines and pencils. I got pencils, NME, NME Yearbook [which is worth it for the Pete Doherty Musical], and City Life [a magazine about happenings in Manchester] as it has Johnny Marr on the cover. *waves in front of Lily*

Friday I won a Terry's Chocolate Orange in Media. I bought the coolest cushion ever. The I stayed at Grandmas and went to Holmfirth for a kebab.

Saturday my ceiling leaked. I stayed at Auntie Julie's and talked about the world wars with Mike.

Sunday I went out for a meal and was in teo places at once. I had one foot in Oldham and one foot in Yorkshire.

Today, in Film Studies we made a poster. Our group's was much better than the others, but me, Gemma and Alex worked together again, so of course it would be.

Then I went shopping with Sarah, Tasha and Emma. I got Babyshambles for the pure comedic value of hearing Pete falling over a mic stand...and Drew. I also got mum a T-Rex box set for her birthday, but I want it. I also got 2 plectrums and Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Mr. W.H.

Watched some Performing Arts pieces, got bored in Media, listened to Supergrass and played the Alphabet Game in Drama. And the bus didn't turn up.

I have coursework.

if you really need it1

November 9th, 2005 at 8:44pm]

I stole this from sullen_hearts

"If there's a question you want to ask about me, ask away. I'll answer everything. Make it original! Anonymous is fine, too. "

if you really need it3

You're no longer laughing, I'm not drowning fast enough. [Tuesday
November 8th, 2005 at 6:33pm]


I think this means he's kicked out. This makes me happy, but also...SHIT! What do Kat and I do?


I took pictures of the awesome Reptilia t-shirt and will upload soon, as I have LOADS of work.

if you really need it3

Yeah, the night's not over, you're not trying hard enough. [Monday
November 7th, 2005 at 5:15pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


First the good bit. REPTILIA BY THE STROKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this t-shirt on holiday in August. I never really looked at it in much detail, it's like a collage, it's cool. There's a load of words written down one side. This morning on the bus, I was listening to Reptilia, and that's my FAVOURITE Strokes song, which makes me feel like even more of a fool. As I was listening to it, I looked down. THE WRITING DOWN THE SIDE OF MY TOP IS THE FUCKING LYRICS!!! I NEVER NOTICED!

So I've had a top with my favourite Strokes song on it since summer and never noticed. I feel foolish. People thought I was weird reading my top on the bus, but I was singing along in my head!

As soon as I find the camera I'll take a picture. It also has Pet Shop Boys lyrics. It is clearly the coolest top in existance, and the best 14£ 50 cents I have ever spent. Got my red leather jacket then too. Mango in Tenerife, for all your Strokey goodness.

Melanie, go to Tenerife. It's worth it.

Anyway, I'M PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a Drama rehearsal at dinner. Kat and I were there. Jack was not. We thought "Oh, Jack isn't in, this is good, it means we don't have to do our performance till Friday." As Kat was leaving, Oliver told her Jack WAS in.

When it got to Drama and he turned up, I nearly fucking murdered him. I would have done if I had a knife with me. I was positively livid. I was about to smack him but Liz walked in. We had 10 minutes to sort ourselves out before we actually performed. Kat and I used that 10 minutes to work on the opening, which doesn't involve him and is the only thing we got praised for. Oliver's group were amazing. The other Jack's group were hilarious. Amanda's group didn't perform today. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EMBARRASSED IN MY LIFE! Liz stopped us half way through because it was so terrible. Do you know how fucking awful that was. I've slapped and strangled Jack about 10 times today. Liz was telling us everything that was wrong with our piece. I thought "I'm not having this" so I told her the reason it was so shit. JACK'S MISSED TWO FUCKING REHEARSALS! Liz has said if he misses another, he's not doing the exam and she'll have to sort us two out. I don't wanna start again, but I kinda hope he misses tomorrow's rehearsal so I don't have to work with him. Kat agrees. I've never hated anyone so much in my LIFE! Tomorrow I'm taking a fucking knife in college. I will only offer Jack one piece of advice.

"Run you crap ugly wannabe thespian. RUN."



Other than that, I got the bus home with Leigh, Cally and Cally's mate [forgot his name] and cheered up a bit. Then Leigh and I walked together from the bus stop. I like her, she made me temporarily happy.

Lauren, Lily, Rebs, Cinders, EVERYONE! LETS HAVE A GROUP HUG, GRABS PITCHFORKS, GET KAT AND MURDER JACK GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[[Oh, Rebs is back today right? She may kill me.]]

I bought a book of war poetry. Regeneration trilogy, War Poetry, soldier jacket, all I need is my poppy and I'm all set!

...and the Regeneration film if fucking HMV had it!!!

if you really need it6

Tell me a story, I know you're not boring. [Monday
November 7th, 2005 at 1:42pm]

I'm at college. Hello.

I've only just noticed I have the lyrics to Reptilia by The Strokes on a t-shirt I've had since August. Hear that Melanie? REPTILIA BY THE STROKES!!!

I should be doing Media Studies now, so bye!

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Listen my hopeless friend. [Friday
November 4th, 2005 at 10:42pm]

What Do I Want?Collapse )

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The lift is always full of piss, the fifth floor landing smells of fish! [Friday
November 4th, 2005 at 5:22pm]

I went into college an hour early today to do a Drama rehearsal.

Guess how many of my group turned up?


So instead of having an extra hour's sleep, I spent an hour sitting outside the drama room, doing extension work for English and reading Regeneration. I was fucking TIRED!

Kat forgot about it. Understandable. Jack KNEW about it but didn't turn up because he thought it was a joke! Cunt.

So yeah, not happy.

Tonight I'm making Toni a Christmas CD, as it's probably the last time I'll see her until she comes home at Christmas. Then I'm either doing a random picspam or starting on the mixed CD's. I've forgotten everyone's theme! So if there's a blank space next to your name, tell me what theme you picked. [or if you haven't picked one yet, pick one!]

CD Themes:

Lily: Ships and a surprise...ooh...

Rebs: Love

Cinders: Time

Lauren: Escape [hmm...]

Ciara: Sex

Jane: Religion

Astrid: Queen And Country

I have one song sorted for Lily's...


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Come what may, I will love you until my dying day. [Thursday
November 3rd, 2005 at 5:56pm]

How much slash is there in my college? Seriously. In the past week, I've seen 6 gay couples. 3 of these couples were kissing around college. One couple were holding hands. One were kinda groping each other outside the toilets. And one couple were lying on top of each other on a bench in the smoking area, all over each other until Big Dave of security moved them. I've also seen 2 lesbian couples kissing each other, and apparantly someone got caught wanking in a lesson. I think it's something about November that makes the OSFC students horny. Particularly the gay ones.

Oh and my friend's ex boyfriend got off with his gay mate while he was still with my friend. That's not good.

if you really need it17

Out by 16 our dead in this scene but together forever. [Thursday
November 3rd, 2005 at 2:12pm]

The Ramblings Of A Film Studies Student: The Horror GenreCollapse )

if you really need it6

November 3rd, 2005 at 2:02pm]
This is possibly THE best Haiku in the history of the world...EVER!

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:__i_get_along__
Your haiku:potter kids dancing
to this and clearly jarvis
will be exposed
Created by Grahame

I'm also considering boring you with another rambling of a Film Studies student...yes, I may just do that.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. [Wednesday
November 2nd, 2005 at 9:42pm]

The Ramblings Of A Film Studies Student: Stanley KubrickCollapse )

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I watched it for a little while. [Tuesday
November 1st, 2005 at 4:48pm]

I'm not giving you every last detail of my day. But in English, in our groups we had to write a monologue for two characters in Cinderella, but a character that isn't usually explored. Thus, Carla and I chose The Glass Slipper, and Prince Bob, Prince Charming's jealous brother. We set it at the end of the story.

Here be the results:

The Glass SlipperCollapse )


Prince BobCollapse )


Gemma, Alex and I are now Nick's teachers pets. This is a good thing, as Film Studies rocks. Rob tried to bribe him with chocolate today, but nothing beats our The Ring powerpoint and The Shining analysis today. You hear me? NOTHING!

if you really need it

October 31st, 2005 at 9:07pm]
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