I am the passenger, and I ride and I ride...

Yes my dears, I am back. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Other than a quick update earlier in the week, and a proposition for a certain Australian gentleman, my LJ appears to have been neglected.

What caused this stony silence, I hear you mutter. Why stick to the shadows of LJ, you ask. What the fuck have you been doing?

I'll tell you. I've been busy.

You may be shocked to learn I actually have a life outside of LJ, and yes, it has been packed recently. I will not bore you with the details. However, I can tell you most of my coursework is finished, my drama piece is finally on track, I've had fun catching up with friends, and Nick thinks I'm a photoshop wizard.

Here's a few college related highlights:

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We watched the opening sequence of Scream, and Alex ended up practically jumping onto my knee because she was scared. She clutched at me for the rest of the sequence. I felt like I was in Saved By The Bell, where the lads take the girls to a scary movie as an excuse to cuddle the frightened girl. Except hugging Alex wasn't part of my plan. Nor am I a boy. I just don't get scared at films.

WELL DONE REBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did you see the way she looked at me?

Thursday I spent £10 on magazines and pencils. I got pencils, NME, NME Yearbook [which is worth it for the Pete Doherty Musical], and City Life [a magazine about happenings in Manchester] as it has Johnny Marr on the cover. *waves in front of Lily*

Friday I won a Terry's Chocolate Orange in Media. I bought the coolest cushion ever. The I stayed at Grandmas and went to Holmfirth for a kebab.

Saturday my ceiling leaked. I stayed at Auntie Julie's and talked about the world wars with Mike.

Sunday I went out for a meal and was in teo places at once. I had one foot in Oldham and one foot in Yorkshire.

Today, in Film Studies we made a poster. Our group's was much better than the others, but me, Gemma and Alex worked together again, so of course it would be.

Then I went shopping with Sarah, Tasha and Emma. I got Babyshambles for the pure comedic value of hearing Pete falling over a mic stand...and Drew. I also got mum a T-Rex box set for her birthday, but I want it. I also got 2 plectrums and Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Mr. W.H.

Watched some Performing Arts pieces, got bored in Media, listened to Supergrass and played the Alphabet Game in Drama. And the bus didn't turn up.

I have coursework.

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I stole this from sullen_hearts

"If there's a question you want to ask about me, ask away. I'll answer everything. Make it original! Anonymous is fine, too. "

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