Eff y'all

Omfgz, xo659067059

I love the song Daydream Believer by The Monkeys. It's on the E-bay thingy on TV and I automatically break out into song. DAYDREAM BELEIVER...

Fortune Cookie says - You will always have good luck with your personal affairs.

I find that statement so true.

Ugh. Muses meeting tomorrow. >.<

I need to talk Mrs.Foster into letting me take these AP classes. All of them.


Omfgz! x43
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i don't believe in correct grammar in this entry
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.Screw this up, just one more time.

...Stuff is stupid.

Maybe if I was twenty pounds lighter, and without a pimple on my face, I'd look beautiful. But apartently I am not. I feel like a piece of crap. And those who claim to build my self esteem up only really bring it down. Maybe if I wore hollister I would be pretty, maybe if I was someone else, but too fucking bad. It isn't going to change for a while so I can give up on getting something that really brings me down piece by piece with every waking moment and every smile they give me. Maybe they do mean well. I am not sure. But they kill me, they really do. And breaking is the only thing left but I don't want to break. I just want to get the crap away from that person.

I have a phone that works now.

I am sooo busy I shouldn't even be doing this.

That one black chick from that Trump show... Apprentice, is a bitch. I think her name is Omarosa...?
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My heart

Bang, bang.

Bang, bang. I shot you down. Bang bang, you hit the ground.

I wanna be rich. Like so much. <3 AWWWW I should be.

I'd buy everyone foreign cars.

I sometimes wish I could find out I was going to die in five days... then everyone would know what I think about them. Though most wouldn't care...

Do me intend to make me jealous? I mean... heh, nevermind.
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Eff y&#39;all

Poke me in my effin' eye

I am fucking mad. My story was good and people have told me that BUT IT IS NOT ALL THERE. So now I have decided to start my own damn magazine for literary junk. Submissions are accepted, duh... !!!!!!!!

I'll publish all this stuff somehow.

I hate looking at her face and then seeing .... ahhh fuck, nevermind.
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Eff y&#39;all

(no subject)

I'm sick of hospitals. This has been so effed up. Now my uncle David is in the hospital.

Stop being such a screw up Candice! *slap*

Crap, the weekend is like over.
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