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In Life she was a Virgin In death she was my Whore

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November 18th, 2015
this will always be the first entry that you see

since my first friends only post got earsed...had to make a new one.
my journal is Friends Only comment to be added
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since this is my livejournal...there are afew things i must stress
Image hosted by Photobucket.com1. to veiw my journal entries...you must Comment to be added
Image hosted by Photobucket.com2. if you find my livejournal out of the blue and want to add me, we must have 5 or more things in common so we will be atleast somewhat interested in whats written. Also add me then First!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com3. if you want to be added...comment on my entries
Image hosted by Photobucket.com4. this is my livejounral...you chose to be on here to read it. Dont agrue with my opinions if you dont like them
Image hosted by Photobucket.com5. if i dont like you...PISS OFF...you wont be added..most know who they are anyways
Image hosted by Photobucket.com6.If you want to remove me from your list..let me know your doing so that way my friends list doesnt make me out to be some sort of fucking stalker
Image hosted by Photobucket.com7.this is the new livejounral for syntheticrape
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March 14th, 2008



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talk about a long time aye [Friday
May 25th, 2007
so what to say...
its been ages since ive written in a livejournal.

i could tell you about my life since then but seriously...who the fuck would what to read all that!?!?!

i can do some highlights i guess..soppose thats why im writting.

i remember when i use to be so hooked on livejournal....id sit in my room, with either my webcam or digital camera, feeling so vain, taking pictures of myself of my wonderful scenery art and posting them....
starting my own communities, applying and joining other communties. my # one goal was always just to make sure i kept everything updated...i swore id be on livejournal all my life.
i must of had over 1000 photos on the internet.

i dont really remember when i didnt have as much time for livejournal anymore...i when i just didnt care anymore. i just changed i guess....my free time was spent outside in the real world rather then cyber surfing.

hmm lets see here, i was going through my entries..and i read the one about graduating...so yea, ive been out of school for exactly a year now...cant really tell you what i was so excited about...nothings really different. everything is still the same...only instead of getting up to go to school, im waking up an hour earlier and going to work. and yet i still dont have much money.

ive had my drivers license, i still idle manson with all of my heart, i met someone, were engaged now
yea believe it, im engaged.

i havent lived at my parents house since i graduated pretty much.
justin and i are looking for an apt to move into...justin would be my fiance....if i showedyou a photo of me now, you wouldnt even recognize me unless you have a myspace.
i gave up trying to make myself look different then anyone else. its not whats outside that matters..it really isnt.
im not going to force myself to be something else to to satisfy others.

there is this girl i know...shes a greatgirl, gets depressed really easy too, i dont know why, shes still just trying to find her place somewhere...i can see it on her face. everytime theres a different crowd, she wants to be just like the person. too bad she doesnt realize that that person is just trying to be like someone else as well.
no one is every perfect. no one should every try to fit in somewhere.
you just have to be yourself...and you cant use the excuse that you dont even know who yourself is....because i dont even know who i am but i certainly know what i like...and i dont like it because someone else does.

being out of school does feel this weird....when i graduated last year...i was happy as hell...but i still had friends in school, and there all graduated now as well...awesome...but know it just seems like everyone truly is going there seperate ways now...i guess its something everyone just has to do. everyone you once hung out with wont always be there. you wont always have that time to do this or that. and this person or that person isnt always going to be there.

i didnt go to college...fuck that, i still say fuck that...im working full time right now...i plan to go to college yes, but not for general studies, i plan to get my cna and eventually go to lpn from there...but thats it.

Right now im just a dcw at an afc home but i enjoy the job...i dont make shit ton money....i just make about enough to get my buy with my bills.
justin and i are trying to find a place to move in together...a place that allows pets but thats hell hard lol.
imstill 18....*joy* lol ill be 19 in july...still got aways to go.

maybe ill have time to post pictures sometime.
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la la la [Wednesday
March 22nd, 2006
[ mood | high ]

we get dsl back in about a week or so...maybe even sooner
finally, i hate dial up, its a bitch!!

im going out to buy some stamps so whoever would like a letter leave me a comment with your address n first name
bye loves
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