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art rec!

Awaiting Ragnarok by Anonymous for hd_fanart's Art Fest.

;___; It's so pretty. And I'm not just saying that because it's my prompt. But really. So good. All the art that's been posted for far for this year's Art Fest have been fantastic.

Also, thank you to the lovely people who sent me virtual cookies. ♥ I always miss the cool things on LJ and can never reciprocate.

I have a phone interview this afternoon for a job that I really, really want. I am nervous. D:
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just stuff

real life things

The friend's bachelorette weekend came and went two weekends ago (I'm just a lazy face lurker who doesn't post). We left very early Friday morning, got to Montreal around 1:00 pm, checked in and promptly crashed in the hotel room. Good things that happened: poutine, lots of drinking, poutine, shopping, clubs (of the regular dancing and strip variety), wandering the streets of Montreal at 3:00 in the morning, and even more poutine. Bad things that happened: poutine, getting sick from the weather, cat fights in the hotel room, and the 9.5 hour drive back to Toronto.

I don't think I have eaten that much fries + cheese+ gravy in my life. Ugh.

Pinterest in a little crazy. I see all sorts of pretty things that I like and want to repin but for some reason I don't and then I find myself drifting to tumblr to reblog pictures of Tom Hiddleston.

work things

I'm kinda falling out of love with my job. Not the job per se (I love the field I'm in and there's so much potential in it) but the actual work place. It's so dull and staid and quiet and boring. Lately I've been wanting to claw my face off because it's so quiet. I'm not interested in our projects any more and it's starting to show and I hate that it's starting to show because I've never been less than 110% on the job. :( I've started looking around for new jobs, but not in any real earnest in the off chance that I fall out of the funk I'm in and start loving my job again.

fandom things

I've been reading a lot of Suits and Tony/Loki fics lately. :D But! I've missed both new episodes of Supernatural so far. This makes me weep.

Have submitted my hd_fanart Art Fest. I really loved the prompt and it was glorious to go back to drawing pretty boys in pretty things. There are quite a few other fanarts that I really have to get a move on in drawing.

I also need to get a move on my hd_holidays thing. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me come up with something? I seem to be at a loss on what to draw for my recipient.
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oh you know, just things

Work Things:

I hate when people don't know when to shut up. I really, really do. Especially if said people are talking about something I have very little interest it.

There's this girl I work with who stops at my desk constantly to talk things through, hash out ideas, and ask for my opinion on things. Sure we're working on the same overall project but she has her to-do list and I have my to-do list and though our to-do lists intersect at certain points we're mostly functioning independently from one another. I just want to shake her and tell her that I don't give a fuck. But I can't because that would be rude. So I just nod and say yeah uh-huh a lot and look pointedly at my computer screen in the hopes that leaves sooner rather than later.

Fic Things:

Little Birds by faviconwinterhill
Bird AU. Erik is a lone kestrel on a mission to destroy the great golden eagle who killed his mother. Charles is an abandoned pet dove with no fear and a dream of making a place where the little birds can fly free. They don’t quite want the same thing, but together they’ll change the world.

OMG SO CUTE. It's everything that's wonderful about XMFC and its plot and the characters but told with an avian twist.

It's definitely not something I would have read in HP, maybe in SPN. But this fandom, this fandom, has me reading things I wouldn't normally because suddenly everything seems right. Like mpreg, for example. I've never been into it but I somehow I saw one gif and read one fic and it's become a thing for me. Yeah, Idk.

Fest Things:

I've signed up for spn_j2_bigbang and xmenreversebang! :D

And because I never learn, I'm planning on signing up for the following when they come around: hd_smoochfest, hd_fanart's Art Fest, serpentinelion's Glompfest, bigbangbigbang and xmenbigbang.
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on dogs, almost stalking, projects, and christmas cards

I swear, I'm going to end up being the crazy dog lady on your street. But look at how cute they are! :D :D :D I would buy them more clothes and outfits and whatnot if I knew they weren't going to eat them or shred them to bits. The gray one got an orange wizard coat for Halloween last year but she had the buttons off and the lining shredded within hours. I was like WTF DOG NOW YOU CAN'T GO TO DOGWARTS.

Re: flailing over hot Classics grad student turned post-doc has calmed somewhat. But that doesn't mean I don't casually stroll past his building before and after work as I make my way to and from the parking lot. It's on my usual route through the campus, okay! Not only am I going to end up the crazy dog lady on your street, but I'm also really a twelve year old at heart. Before I know it I'm going to start drawing little hearts on my notebooks with our initials or something.

On a more fandom-y note, I think I might be drowning in fanart. Upcoming projects in September alone: samdean_otp's Mini Bang, two bigbangbigbang things, hd_fanart's Art Fest, and hd_canon_fest. But good news, my hd_bigbang submissions are done!

How early is too early to start a Christmas card poll? :|
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oh, you know, random stuff

More Japan-related things:

hd_relief - A Harry/Draco-centric community focused on helping to bring relief to those affected by natural disasters and global tragedies. A Japan Relief Fest is upcoming. Prompting opens March 21, 2011, claiming begins April 3, 2011 and submissions are due June 1, 2011. Donations are made via the Livejournal Japan Aid V-Gift ($2.00 USD), and for each prompt you submit you must donate one v-gift.

Write for Relief Fandom Charity Fundraiser - Reverse-auction style. Comment with a list of prompts/pairings from your fandom(s) that get less attention along with a dollar amount of the donation you are willing to give. If someone can write your dream fic and claims your prompt, you donate the specified dollar amount to charity of their choice. You get your fic, money gets donated, it's awesomeness all around. Suggestions for the donation amount start at, but is not limited to, $5.00. The auction closes March 26, 2011. All prompt fills must be completed by April 10, 2011.

help_japan - Auction your fic/art/graphic skillz to the highest bidder. Offers for auction closes March 26, 2011 but bidding continues until March 31, 2011

mayflo is collecting kind words and support for the Japanese people that she will later translate and repost in her Japanese blog. Leave your message here.

My auction thread @ help_japan. Bid on me! You know you want to. ♥


I totally suck at keeping up with meme-y shit. The 30-day challenge? It lasted 12 days.

Also, I was told that I had to stay later at work today because we were behind. But the shit that I'm supposed to finish hasn't come to me yet. WHY, LAB TECHNICIANS? WHY? I want to go and enjoy the sunshine and watch people get drunk for St. Patricks day and drink delicious coffee with lauriegilbert. But I can't. So I'm dicking around on the internets to pass the time.
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coffee (and bbt fics) makes the world go 'round

The hospitality workers at the university where I work are still on strike. The traffic to get in and out of the campus is crazy. Buses aren't allowed to cross the picket line so the street in front the university has become a make-shift bus terminal. I haven't seen any picketers yet but apparently they're out there. I keep getting emails asking me to show support for my "brothers and sisters" by picketing during my lunch hour. Um, no thanks. The Tim Horton's in my building is closed because of the strike. ;_; I need cofffeeee. However, I've started taking a detour through the Health Sciences complex for my morning coffee. It's a longer walk but I get delicious hot coffee and the cute barista smiles at me and tells me that large coffees are his specialty.

It hasn't been very busy at work because of the holidays so I've spent a lot of time reading Big Bang Theory fanfic. I know they're old, but some of my favourites so far are:

Between the Lines by jezaraen, Sheldon/Penny - Leonard moves out of 4A to live with his new girlfriend and Penny offers to help Sheldon rearrange his schedule and adjust to the change. It's a short-ish fic but I like the gradual movement from neighbours to friends to being together. It's such a natural progression in the story.

The Sonata by d_sieya, Sheldon/Penny - Zombie-fic with character death. But don't let that turn you away. It's vivid and sad and haunting and it makes my chest all tight and it makes me cry (rivers of tears, you guys) every time I read it. I can totally SEE this line at the end, "he picks his gun off the top of the piano and seemingly tests its weight". It's just so, GUH. I don't normally read fics like this (i.e. apolacyptic zombie fics with character death) but this was just so beautiful. I can't stop re-reading it.

The World in Solemn Stillness by allthingsholy, Sheldon/Penny - Set during Christmases from 2008 to 2013. This is another fic that had me in tears because it was so beautifully written and bittersweet and the Sheldon in the story makes my heart hurt. Until this story, I never knew how romantic tungsten carbide is.

Though They Sink Through the Sea by dashakay, Sheldon/Penny - Leonard dies, Penny becomes successful and Sheldon goes off to find himself. Don't let my sucky summary fool you, this fic is wonderful and even though the beginning is sad, it shows Sheldon in a new light and it gives Penny a future.

I know there's more that I've read and liked and I'm in the process of saving them onto my delicious account, which hasn't seen any action since 2008. :/

Reading all those lovely fics makes me itchin' to draw! :D :D :D

Speaking of drawing...did you know that hp_art_xchange's 2011 Session 1 sign-up is open???
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Biggest Loser is on! I love that show. ♥

Because flyingichthyo and amanuensis1 suggested:

Collapse )

I really like how Harry and Hermione turned out. Ron, not so much. Oh well. It's because the sword in Ron's hand wasn't cooperating so I just drew his face.

Also, I really need to update and clean up my website. I think it was last update in 2008...

On the work front, it's been a week since I first started and I'm really enjoying myself! It's a big learning curve (from ophthalmology to infectious diseases!) but I'm up for the challenge. It feels great to learn new things and to work with people who are supportive and understanding.
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follow-up to job question

To follow-up on this entry, I called the lady the other day and she told me that I got the job!! She said that someone from HR was supposed to call me but now that she knew I hadn't gotten my call yet, she'd send a quick email to ask them to call me. And they did!

So I will be officially leaving my large suckage of a current job to join a much better work environment come October. WOO HOO!
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question about jobs, hiring, etc

I had a job interview last month and was called last week for a second interview. At both interviews, I seemed to hit it off with everyone and I think I impressed the doctor (who would ultimately be my boss) with samples of my work. The project manager said she would call on Monday (today). Two of my references were called and I'm sure my third was called but she's been away because of a death in the family. However, the project manager didn't call me today. Does that mean I didn't get the job? :( My friends have been telling no and that I'm not out of the running until I get told so. But I'm so impatient!

So, in your experiences, dear flist, does that mean they don't want me? Or am I just being paranoid and very very impatient?

The reason for my impatience lies in the fact that my current work environment blows. We have a head manager who is so underqualified it literally hurts and she walks around like she's the bees knees of managers. She's like a really bad version of Regina George from Mean Girls, and I swear, my work is like high school. BLOW.