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i can't even with some fics

When I read a fic by a new author I come across I like to look through all their fics for more reading material. This usually leads to good reads and new pairings and overall awesomeness.

Case in point. I read this:
Cryptonomican In Practical Application (In Pursuit of a Decreased Variable 'S') by cerebel (Tony/Loki)
In which Tony is a codebreaker, and Loki interrupts his perfected routine by having the gall to be a Nazi defector.

Which led to this:
You Feed Me Fables From Your Hand by cerebel (Clint/Loki)
Three years ago, the twilight of the Gods: Clint Barton watched as Asgard descended into chaos, unimaginable monsters against unimaginable power, death and destruction to a degree he never thought possible. Three years ago, he saw Thor wade into the fray and fight his way to his brother, Loki. Three years ago, he ran, fleeing with the rest of the Avengers, as the gods dissolved into memory and dust.

Today, he sees Loki again.

And then somehow finally to this:
Corruption and Creme Brulee by amanuensis1 (Clint/Loki)
Loki finds that Agent Barton is peerless. In all things. For a mortal. Which is unforgivable.

Okay, I've been reading amanuensis1's stuff for years now and her fics still make me ASLDJFHDSKAFLDK all over the place. While the first Clint/Loki fic is more along the redemption and fix-it lines (which I love love love), the second just made my brain short-circuit with its delicious mind-control, dub/non-con porny goodness. And the ending. The ending.

On another Avengers-related noted, I got my first pick for marvel_bang and the author (idk, can I mention who before claims end?) has already emailed me plot outline. It is GLORIOUS and cute and I can't wait to read the entire thing.

I need an appropriate fangirling icon.
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on podfics

Happy Friday, all. It's rainy and gross and I just want to curl up under my blankets in my room with the blinds drawn up so I can see the rain come down and read all day. Or sleep. Both will do equally well. Except I'm at work. D: My only consolation is that I downloaded a couple of podfics last night and will be listening to those today.

I started downloading Steve/Tony ones because I think I may have exhausted the Thor/Loki tag at jinjurly. I'm fairly new to the podfic phenomenon (I know, late as always) so if anyone's got any recs on other places to find said podfics then please share!

I play themin my car on an FM transmitter during the drive and I always wonder what people think when they catch stray snippets on their own transmitter. Lol. I especially wonder this when during a sex scene. Sometimes I look around at the other cars when I'm at a stoplight and snicker to myself.

Podfics in general make me very happy. I love hearing other people's voices and their accents and inflections and the way they bring life to the characters. It's amazing, really. ♥

In other news, there's this picture of Tom Hiddleston floating around:

In it he's holding up a fan-made Wendy. The first time I saw it I thought it was one of the moustaches I made for projectwendy and I almost had an aneurysm because oh my god Tom Hiddleston touching something I made and holding it up to his face and being all cute and perfect and himself about it. But upon closer inspection, I've concluded that it isn't a Wendy of my own creation. It's for the best, anyway, because I would have lost my shit if it was.
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one fic rec, two fanarts, and all the hollow crown feels

JFC. Some things that aren't meant to be read at work while waiting for a meeting to start. Case in point:

I've Been Everywhere by melonbutterfly (Loki/Tony, NC17, hot as all hell) | For the prompt: "I just want to see Loki topping the hell out of Tony and describing everything he wants to do to him. Making Tony beg before he actually fucks him."


Anyway. A few things I've drawn recently that I've yet to really post:

Title: Head Boy
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17, warnings for underage and (maybe) dub-con
Link: To the art! Also on tumblr!

Title: Centurion
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17, warnings dub-con
Link: To the art!

I've still got the following to do: Dean/Ruby thing, spn_j2_bigbang things, mcfassy Springest thing, bigbangbigbang thing, and answer comments.

I downloaded Henry V last night. OH MY GOD THE HOLLOW CROWN + TOM HIDDLESTON, NEW OTP. Actually, Tom Hiddleston + red velvet shirt = new otp.

Also, hello new friends! ♥
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fic rec and hiddles is a life ruiner

Guys. YOU GUYS. You must read this right now:

A Study In Contrasts (or At Your Service)

Harry and Draco are the best of the best in putting up wards to counteract the wonky magic which was unleashed after the final battle – but Harry doesn’t know how to set up boundaries in his own life. Draco finds a way to help.

The above was written for my prompt over at hd_smoochfest and it is perfect. ♥___________♥

You know what (or who) else is perfect? TOM HIDDLESTON. Case in point. Ugh, Tom. I can't with you. You have been the quickest and surest life ruiner ever. This is my exact reaction to everything you are:

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thor/loki recs?

Paper Monsters by clocks is done. *flails* I remember this being one of the first things I read in the XMFC fandom and have been impatiently waiting for its completion since. I love everything that the author has ever written, especially Our House, in the Middle of Our Street. It's a fic that I can read over and over again and love it more after every reading.

Right now I'm trying to make my way through all the Thor/Loki fics I can get my grubby little hands on. :D :D :D Avengers fans on my flist, got any Thor/Loki fic recs for me??! Tumblr's been doing an awesome job on the fanart front and I've been listening to a podfic of Chaos War by faviconastolat. But I need fics for reading, you guys!

Also, Hiddleston. ♥___________♥ I never really had much of an opinion of him until I started watching interviews with the Avengers cast and then interviews of him alone being his perfectly articulate and dorky and smiley self. If Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were ever cast in a movie together I don't think I would be able to handle it. I'd be dead by the time the trailers came out.

There have been some really intriguing things coming from spn_j2_bigbang! xmenreversebang starts posting July 6!

My sister graduated from college a few days ago. Man, I feel old.
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thanks for the bday wishes

Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes! ♥! I spent my birthday weekend hanging out with some friends, going to another friend's bridal shower and then going out for dinner with my parents. All in all, it was good. :D

I'd post some pictures from the weekend but I kept forgetting to take pictures so sadly, I don't have any to show. Instead, have a look at these photos, gifs, and interviews of James McAvoy from Soccer Aid. He really is the cutest, most adorable man alive:

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on avengers feels, thor/loki fic recs, and the insanity workout

  • The Avengers gave me all the feels. ALL THE FEELS.


  • I was rewatching Thor the other day and instanty thought "arrange marriage fic" when Loki was being all angst-filled after Odin told him that he basically took baby Loki in the hopes that peace would come between their worlds. Does such a fic exist? Please, friends, tell me there is. if not, there really, really needs to be a Thor/Lokie arrange marriage fic.

  • I need to start drawing again. It's been so long since I actually drew something proper.

  • The art thief has been banned from deviantArt.

  • Has anyone tried the Insanity workout? Does it work and is it do-able?
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drive-by rec and glompfest

Everything About It Is A Long Song by pocky_slash

Erik's spent fifty years being a figurehead and he's ready to leave that behind. Luckily, so is Charles.

(aka Old Retired Dudes in Love)

THIS. This. This is what I always imagine Charles and Erik to have/be years into the future. There are challenges but it's them and they're finally together and they're trying and they're happy and still so much in love with each other. I love these two.

Also, serpentinelion's GLOMPFEST. It's that time of year again. :D Leave your prompt here! The prompt post will close April 12th so get yours in while you still can.
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rec me all your john/sherlock fics

Dear friends in the Sherlock fandom,

Rec me all the fics! Rec me all your favourite long, plotty John/Sherlock fics! I want your AUs, your casefics, your fluff, your angst, everything.

I'm not feeling very well and all I want to do is curl up in my bed and read and read and read. I'm good for my Charles/Erik and my Marcus/Esca but I am severely lacking in things to read for John/Sherlock. There's a shit ton of fics on AO3 but I don't know what's good! HELP ME.

With kind regards,