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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

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Hey guys! Don't forget to leave your address here if you want a Christmas card from me. Old friends, new friends, everyone!

Also, have you checked out hd_fanart's Art Fest? :D :D :D

I was going through my tumblr and I realized that I have yet to cross-post a good chunk of my fanart. I think I may do that for the more recent ones. So if you follow me, pardon the fanart spam that may pop up in the next few days.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

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Real Life Things:

My sister's 21st birthday is coming up in a week and half. It's both fantastic and terrying at the same time. It's fantastic because now that she's 21 we can finally go and watch The Price Is Right live (WOOO). But it's terrifying because it means I'm getting old. And my anxiety about being old and alone is increasing. D: D: D:

I'm on the lookout for a new job. My manager has already indicated that she'd like to renew my contract for another few years and as much I like Mac and its isolated little campus, it's a too far from home and friends. I thought about moving closer but kept putting it off and putting if off until there was no point in moving at all.

On the Zumba front, I've gotten marginally better. I'm still flailing around but it's a more controlled type of flailing. Lololol. I went out and bought one of those fancy heart rate monitor things and I'm very surprised at how many calories an hour of Zumba burns

Fandom Things:

mcfassy Spring Fest 2012! Leave your prompt here! If I could draw James and Michael even remotely resembling themselves, I would be all over this. Maybe I'll try. As it is, I just left some prompts. :D

I'm very excited for all the fic that'll be coming out of xmenreversebang.

hd_smoochfest submissions are due in 2 weeks!

Tumblr Things:

Tell me who you are on tumblr! I'm ginaraf. :D
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art: sheldon/penny (tbbt)

Title: Penny, you're disgusting
Sheldon, Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Rating: G
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It's Penny and Sheldon. It looks like Penny's gotten back on the Age of Conan wagon. This was started this last night while watching Dancing With the Stars and finished tonight halfway during American Idol. I seem to measure my drawing time with the length of tv shows. Now that my Write for Relief pieces are completed, it's time to start on the help_japan ones. I'm looking forward to both, I've gotten some great prompts for them!

Question about tumblr → What's the best way to find things to follow? Do you search for tags then track it? What are your favourite tumblrs? Lol, is that even the proper term for it? These new technologies, they confuse my old-school brain!
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

dreamwidth and i want to eat my monitor

Thanks to moreteadk (♥!), I have a Dreamwidth account → hibiesque @ dreamwidth.

Someone had already taken the name I wanted (hibiscus) and they wouldn't let me have a username that started with an underscore (__hibiscus) so I went with my domain name minus the hyphen. I've signed up for all these different online things it's a wonder how I get my work done! Help me procrastinate, add me and point me in the direction of good communities to watch/join!

Tumblr distraction for today is baking. NOM NOM NOM. I've come across a ton of things that I would like to make. I'm especially looking forward to making this:

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tumblr-y things

My sister's trying to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and she also gets to ride a big ass bike. I am jelly. If you're interested in popping in a dollar to two, her donation page is here.

Speaking of donations, I still have the following to do for various charities:

   • Neville/Ginny for loveflyfree for Write for Relief
   • Lucius/Bellatrix for scarletladyy for help_japan
   • Something for kyasuriin for help_japan

Why didn't anyone warn me that tumblr is so addicting? I spent a good chunk of my day today looking at glorious art and illustration and a good chunk of yesterday looking at lulzy things. After today, I have the urge to both draw forever and never draw again because I will never be as good as other people. D:

If y'all are interested, my tumblr → http://ginaraf.tumblr.com/. There's just reblogged lols, TBBT gifs, and art on there right now. But I might put non-HP art up there.