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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

on podfics

Happy Friday, all. It's rainy and gross and I just want to curl up under my blankets in my room with the blinds drawn up so I can see the rain come down and read all day. Or sleep. Both will do equally well. Except I'm at work. D: My only consolation is that I downloaded a couple of podfics last night and will be listening to those today.

I started downloading Steve/Tony ones because I think I may have exhausted the Thor/Loki tag at jinjurly. I'm fairly new to the podfic phenomenon (I know, late as always) so if anyone's got any recs on other places to find said podfics then please share!

I play themin my car on an FM transmitter during the drive and I always wonder what people think when they catch stray snippets on their own transmitter. Lol. I especially wonder this when during a sex scene. Sometimes I look around at the other cars when I'm at a stoplight and snicker to myself.

Podfics in general make me very happy. I love hearing other people's voices and their accents and inflections and the way they bring life to the characters. It's amazing, really. ♥

In other news, there's this picture of Tom Hiddleston floating around:

In it he's holding up a fan-made Wendy. The first time I saw it I thought it was one of the moustaches I made for projectwendy and I almost had an aneurysm because oh my god Tom Hiddleston touching something I made and holding it up to his face and being all cute and perfect and himself about it. But upon closer inspection, I've concluded that it isn't a Wendy of my own creation. It's for the best, anyway, because I would have lost my shit if it was.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

fic rec and hiddles is a life ruiner

Guys. YOU GUYS. You must read this right now:

A Study In Contrasts (or At Your Service)

Harry and Draco are the best of the best in putting up wards to counteract the wonky magic which was unleashed after the final battle – but Harry doesn’t know how to set up boundaries in his own life. Draco finds a way to help.

The above was written for my prompt over at hd_smoochfest and it is perfect. ♥___________♥

You know what (or who) else is perfect? TOM HIDDLESTON. Case in point. Ugh, Tom. I can't with you. You have been the quickest and surest life ruiner ever. This is my exact reaction to everything you are: