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TBBT - Sheldon/Penny <3 panty pinata

Art: "Get Rid Of Me If You Try" (TBBT, Sheldon/Penny)

Time for bigbangbigbang!

Title: Get Rid Of Me If You Try
Author: ishie
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Summary: Penny Wade's life is pretty much in free-fall. She got fired from what was supposed to be her big break -- after two whole days. Caught her husband in bed with her agent. Had to slink back to waitressing full-time so she doesn't lose her house. Now she's basically been kidnapped by a crazy man with a box, but not the cool TV-show kind of crazy man with a box. This crazy man has a box that doesn't even work and somehow still draws the bad guys like bees to a picnic. If she makes it through the week without killing someone (or getting killed), it will be a miracle.

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TBBT - Sheldon/Penny <3 bad fish paradig

Art: "Here There Be Dragons" (TBBT, Sheldon/Penny)

bigbangbigbang time! :D :D :D

Title: Here There Be Dragons
Author: trippy41
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Summary: The Doctor and Rose end up taking the wrong type of vacation. Instead of fun in the sun, they cross paths with a certain physicist and his blonde friend who are trapped in a state of inertia unique to them. However, there’s a twist: Sheldon becomes the Doctor’s companion, and Rose stays behind to form a friendship with Penny. They come to realize that they cannot replace one another in time, or space.

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Click on any of the images to view a larger version. This was done for bigbangbigbang and for trippy41's story Here There Be Dragons. If you're a fan of Dr. Who AND The Big Bang Theory, then this fic is for you. :D

ETA: The story link is now available! Go read it! It's an amazing fic and totally deserves to be appreciated. ♥
TBBT - Sheldon/Penny <3 barbarian sublim

Sheldon/Penny art, I has it

The bombing/shooting in Norway is tragic. There are over 80 people dead in that youth camp. These types of attacks are disgusting and cowardly and I can only imagine what people in that part of the world are feeling right now.

For The Big Bang Theory fans on my flist - my art for sheldon_penny's summer remix challenge has been posted! It's a multi-panel visual retelling of weasleytook's fic At the Fork in the Road (one of my all-time faves, so). I have a thing of time/inter-dimensional travel stories with happy endings.

The art below is only the cover. View the whole thing at sheldon_penny. :D I think my most favourite things in the panels are the Starbucks cup. Leonard's glasses, and Sheldon's bloody hand, lol.

Art for At the Fork in the Road

I don't know if I should claim another prompt for the remix challenge or if I should start on spn_j2_bigbang illustrations which are due in a few weeks, OMG.

And hello new friends! ♥!
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

i got a feeling

Aside from a raging headache caused by the insanely cold -20° C temperature outside, today is shaping up to be a good day because:

  • McMaster strike is over. Yay! No more traffic jams, trekking through buildings for coffee, and emails soliciting me for help to warm up soup for the picketers.

  • The guy whose cubicle is attached to mine is away today. That means I don't have to listen to him chit chat away on his phone all day. I'm normally good with ignoring people around me when I'm working but this guy speaks like a teenaged thug. He's all "s'up" and "yo" and "guy" and "sick". "Lame" is what I call it.

  • snape_potter's Snarry-a-thon is starting soon. Prompt submissions start tomorrow and claiming begins January 26th.

  • Jim Parsons won the Golden Globe last night for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series! He beat out Alec Baldwain, Steve Carrell, that curly-haired dude from Glee and some other guy. I ♥ Jim Parsons and I wish I had a Sheldon Cooper of my very own.

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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

happy new year!

Hello lovely flisters! HAPPY NEW YEAR! How were your holidays?

I spent mine watching and re-watching seasons 1-3 of The Big Bang Theory and reading as much Sheldon/Penny I could find. My new OTP → Sheldon/Penny. :D If you share in the Sheldon/Penny love, please rec me your favourite fics! I can't seem to get enough!

Just signed up for hd_bigbang. Eee! So excited. spn_j2_bigbang sign-ups start January 10. And I'm hoping to sign up for bigbangbigbang if it goes for a second round.