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artist claims @ spn_j2_bigbang!

It's artist claims day for spn_j2_bigbang! :D Someone claimed my first choice, but I think I got my second one! Go and make your claim:

SPN Gen, Het, Dean/Castiel, Other Slash, Femmeslash Prompts List
SPN Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean/Jess Prompts List

Make your claim here → SPN Master Claims Post

RPS Jared/Jensen Part 1 Prompts List
RPS Jared/Jensen Part 2 Prompts List
RPS Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared/Misha, JDM/Jensen, Gen Prompts List

Make your claim here → RPS Master Claims Post
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

SPN Big Bang art time!

The fic that I illustrated was Paint A Smile (Only I can See), a Jared/Jensen story by audeamus22. The author and I are in different time zones so I'll link the fic when it becomes available.

EDIT: Paint A Smile (Only I Can See) by Audeamus22

Summary: Jared's only had one person to lean on for nearly his whole life, his best friend Christian Kane. But when another man enters Jared's life things start to change. He starts to learn that not everyone is out to get him. Age not specified but Jared and Chris are their final year at high school, it’s Jensen’s first year as a doctor, Steve’s a bit older still.

Not being much of a reader/writer/reviewer, all I can say is that I really liked it. ♥ For the art, I drew two things from the story and I made a cover for it. My apologies for my not so top-notch graphic making skillz.

Collapse )

The drawn art is a spoilery for the fic so I won't go into detail about them. You'll just have to read the story. :)

Credits → The photo of Jared is from http://jared-padalecki.net/, doctor!Jensen is my own creation and the random pictures of Steve, Chris, Jared & Jensen and the paint palette are from Google images.
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one time, in band camp...

OMG. I am only now just recovering from the awesomeness that is big_bang_hd and spn_j2_bigbang goes ahead starts posting its stories. *ded from fic*

belyste's Spin the Light to Gold is so sweet and so cute and I couldn't stop smiling throughout the entire thing. Jared and Jensen as camp counsellors... what more could I want? There's some pretty awesome graphic art that goes with it. I'm not usually one for manips and graphics, but these are just so pretty and well done.

That reminds, me, I gotta finish my own Big Bang art. :D
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a summary in bullet-form

  • Second Quarter sign-ups END TODAY for hp_art_xchange! So if you haven't done so alreay, please sign up HERE! The pairings list will be up soon after the sign-ups end.

  • big_bang_hd is killing me. Killing me, I say, with all its H/D glory.

  • Artist and vidders sign-ups for spn_j2_bigbang ends today. Art prompts go up for claiming May 5. Eeee, I can't wait! :D :D :D

  • My goldfish died today. :( I've had him for five years and he was huge. Like, bigger than my hand huge. He was so small when we first got him. My sister and I buried him under a pine tree.

  • There was a drug bust near my work. Supposedly it was the largeest meth bust ever in the GTA. It went down yesterday but I didn't find out until today. There was a police command centre trailer, tv crews, fire trucks, police tape, everything. Very Hollywood-ish.
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lj strike, wot?

Haha. I didn't think the lj strike would affect me in any way because I don't post much anyway, but lookit me post when I'm not supposed to. :D Now a non-post in bullet form:

  • For those participating, all art for hp_art_xchange's First Quarter is due April 11th. Second Quarter sign-ups will start April 1st.

  • For SPN peoples, are there any art exchange communities like hp_art_xchange?

  • I know it's still a few months until the artists get a sneak preview of the fics, but I can't wait for big_bang_hd and spn_j2_bigbang! It'll be the third time I'm participating in the big bang for HD and the first for SPN. *excited*

  • Happy Birthday, coell!

  • Who wants to spam me with Harry/Draco, Sam/Dean, or J2 related fic and/or art?! ILU!

I'm trying to write a manual or how-to thing for work. Dude, I knew I sucked at explaining things but I never knew I sucked quite so much. I'm reading what I've written so far and OMG, it blows. O_o