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rec me all your john/sherlock fics

Dear friends in the Sherlock fandom,

Rec me all the fics! Rec me all your favourite long, plotty John/Sherlock fics! I want your AUs, your casefics, your fluff, your angst, everything.

I'm not feeling very well and all I want to do is curl up in my bed and read and read and read. I'm good for my Charles/Erik and my Marcus/Esca but I am severely lacking in things to read for John/Sherlock. There's a shit ton of fics on AO3 but I don't know what's good! HELP ME.

With kind regards,

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What is this?


It's magic, is what.

I'm some ways into A Study in Pink and I have all these feelings. ALL THE FEELS.

Sherlock in his fitted suit and scarf and jacket and ridiculous words and sociopathic craziness. John trusting Sherlock after only just meeting him and being all sad and emo not feeling all there after coming back from the war. And then everyone thinks they're together especially at the restaurant where there's a candle on the table and then John asks about girlfriends and Sherlock says no but then gets all flustered when John asks about boyfriends and it's sweet and awkward and made me :D :D :D all over the place.

TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

sherlock, what

Watched Sherlock tonight. My very first episode was Reichenbach Falls.

I turned on the tv right at the part where Sherlock's in the lab and a girl (Molly?) is telling him that he's sad and he's only sad when he thinks that John isn't looking. It was a rollercoaster of emotions from there. Even though I knew what was coming on the roof scene I was still all ;_____; and then at the cemetry and then after.

Why did I never watch this show until now?!