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zumba and draw something

I bought Zumba Exhilirate yesterday and tried it out last night. There are two things I learned from last night's foray into the world of Zumba: 1) yay, I'm not as terribly out of shape as I thought, and 2) I am ungraceful and distressingly uncoordinated. Really. I was flailing my arms around and trying to salsa or merengue or cumbia or whatever type of dance with my hips and it was not pretty. But whatever, I had fun. :D

It looks like some awesome fic and art have come out of eagle_bigbang so far. Time hasn't really permitted me to read as many as i would have liked but I've enjoyed what I have read to date. I really like madnessisreal's art for 'You and I Collide' and motetus's art for 'If the Darkness Lasts'

If anyone has Draw Something ( or 'Art With Friends' as I like to call it), add me! I am ginaraf. :D
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fic recs? fic recs!

I'm a sucker for hooker fics or stripper fics or similar fics that end with happy endings (both in the physical and metaphoral sense). Strangely enough, I've never seen Pretty Woman. Anyway, here are a few that I've read lately:

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I've yet to read We Met At The Park by faviconstarrose. I was waiting until it was compelte before I started but not that it is done, it will be next on my to-read list. :D

Also, if you've got any like-minded fic recs then gimme gimme! I will take any from the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, XMFC and The Eagle.

Random question is random. Should I go to Ascendio in July? Hmm.
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social enough for this

Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is almost upon us! I've been remiss in thanking the following people for the cards I received: mayfly_78 for the beautiful hand-painted (♥!) Christmas tree card, wickedlywitchy for the very cute Minnie Mouse card (I love her hat!), a sweet and sparkly Snoopy card from whitestar, the cutest Muppers card from omens with the dog that plays the piano (I don't know who that is, lol), a lovely drabble-filled card from kayoko, a pretty postcard from teapostal (your writing is so neat!), and very pretty card with a partridge in a pear trea from dark0feenix. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME A CARD! ♥ ♥ ♥

The holidays has left me feeling exhausted. I think it's more to do with being so nice and happy all the time. I can only smile and chit-chat so much. Which is why I haven't really been around LJ must. I've been lurking but not posting or commenting much. Things that I have read and seen lately:

[Fic] Of Kittens and Teacups and Love by renrenren3 (Charles/Erik, XMFC) Modern AU in which Charles and Erik are flatmates. Charles studies psychology and likes tea and chess and keeps bringing home stray kittens, and Erik lets him because he's maybe perhaps a little bit sort of in love with him.

[Fic] Our House, In the Middle of Our Street by Clocks (Charles/Erik, XMFC) Charles is a social worker who fosters troubled kids, and one day he meets Erik, an ex-convict, who reluctantly agrees to stay for only a while, but ends up staying for good and helping Charles to raise the kids. Awkward parenting ensues.

[Fic] Paper Monsters by Clocks (Charles/Erik, XMFC) A kinkmeme fill for the prompt: Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr, his favorite novelist of all time at a coffee shop, but doesn't know it's him, and Erik just criticizes his own writing in front of his biggest fan.

[Art] Orders by lunulet1 (Marcus/Esca, The Eagle, NSFW)