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fic rec and tbbt art!

How did I get to so lucky?! Seriously, HOW?!

weasleytook wrote From Alpha to Omega and the Beta Reader, Too for me for Saturnalia over at sheldon_penny. Summary: Penny gets ambitious enough to write a novel and makes the potentially dangerous mistake of asking Sheldon for help editing. It's got Sheldon and Penny and fanfic and anonmemes and wonderfully funny dialgoue. Basically, it's perfect so you should go and read it.

In keeping with The Big Bang Theory theme of this post:

Title: C-Men: Happy Saturnalia, Sheldon
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Rating: G

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This was the BBT Christmas card insert for anyone who requested TBBT. :D
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'tis the season!

You guys. YOU GUYS. Christmas came early for me:

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by mothermedusa20 (Sheldon/Penny, G, The Big Bang Theory) Sheldon wants to buy Amy a Christmas present and he recruits Penny to help. They shop around, they bicker, they take pictures with Santa and essentially have a good time. Soon, Penny starts to think that maybe Sheldon really is the guy from her story after all.

Sheldon and Penny go Christmas shopping but things don't end up as planned. There are such cute little moments of awkwardness between Sheldon and Penny in this and such a sweetness that warms my heart.

Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership by Mystery Author for hd_holidays (Harry/Draco, R) Forced to work together on an important case within the Ministry, Harry and Draco find that if they're not letting their animosity get in the way, they might actually be brilliant together. For as long as the assignment lasts, at least.

I love it when Harry and Draco are forced to work together because it lends itself to so many things. In this fic there is much snarking and banter set against a fantastic and creative case.

I love the holidays! :D
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Art: "Water in a Burning World" [Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory]

Title: Water in a Burning World
Characters: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Rating: G

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This was drawn for mothermedusa20's Big Bang Big Bang fic Miles To Go (Before I Sleep), which you should read right now. RIGHT NOW. It's got Penny and Sheldon trying to find each other in a post-apocalyptic America. I love me a good apocalypse fic. Yes, I do.

Fic Summary: Sheldon prepares for everything- zombies, restaurant closures, and power outages. He also plans for the apocalypse by packing survival kits for each of his friends, including a certain neighbor across the hall. When the unthinkable finally happens, Penny is separated from those who can help her most until she finds a series of letters from Sheldon in the compartments of her bag. Slowly, she realizes her genius neighbor knows more than he’s ever been given credit for and that there is more to their relationship than she ever thought possible.

I really like how Sheldon's hand, Penny's blanket, and the lighting all turned out. :D :D :D
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Long update is long, but I'm not cutting because I haven't updated in over two weeks and this is an amalgamation of those lost two weeks.

ishie wrote the most awesome TBBT fic for my help_japan contribution: Method Man (Sheldon, Penny, Wil Wheaton). It's got a quote-spouting, name-dropping Wil Wheaton who's a little bit of an asshole, a career-driven and margarita-fueld Penny, and a Sheldon who's very Sheldon, even while drunk. GO READ IT.

⇒ I'm still working on art for hd_holidays, harryronholiday, an art trade with mothermedusa20, a Dean/Ruby commission and inserts for the holiday cards.

⇒ Speaking of holiday cards, LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS HERE if you would like to received a holiday card. :D I like sending out cards and you probably like getting stuff in the mail, so it's a win-win situation. Comments on the entry are screened for obvious privacy reasons.

⇒ Fest reveals! I drew First Meeting (Harry/Draco, G) for hd_canon_fest and Stroke of Midnight (Harry/Draco, PG) for hd_fanart's Art Fest. I have to respond to all the lovely comments. ♥

⇒ I've been trying to organize my tags and stuff at Pinboard. It's going good so far but I've been getting distracted by the fics that I've bookmarked. It's like I'm compelled to re-read all the fics I've tagged.

⇒ Art rec! Tangled In You by letoist. A J2 twist on on Tangled. The art is gorgeous. The glow from the hair and the black and purple backgrounds and the little lights floating about are so fantastic. But my most favourite part is the scrolling down and down and down to get to the bottom. It reinforces the length of the hair and the height of the tower. Amazing.

⇒ On the work front, I've been so swamped with stuff. We've got site meetings and investigator meetings and audits and random reports due every week or so until the end of January that we're all scramling to get everything done correctly and on time. But whatevs, I say bring it (snakes on a plane).

⇒ On Saturday I went to Dave & Busters and it's usually a great place for food and fun. But man, it sucked the big one that night. It took almost an hour for us to get a table, we waited another hour for the food to come and the serving staff got a lot of our orders wrong, my friend ordered a brownie sundae and it took them another hour to tell her that they were out of brownies. Just horrible.

⇒ Also over the weekend, I watched Captain America for the first time. I was into Tony Stark's dad; it was the 'stache. And not knowing anything about Captain America (I didn't Wiki it like I usually do to movies), the ending where he wakes up after being asleep for decades threw me for a loop. Poor Peggy. Now I want to read harry Steve/Peggy fic.

⇒ Knowing how much I love Shel Silverstein, my sister left this on my FB yesterday and it made me lol:

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Mean Girls - you go glen coco

out and about in fandom

Recently seen and read:

because you're there by damalur (Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory) Penny wants to climb Mount Everest. Sheldon wants to rewrite physics. They move to New York. The next few parts can't come soon enough.

Same As It Ever Was (Same As It Ever Was) by fujiidom (Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory) Sheldon wakes up in a reality that's his, but not really. Again, the next parts can't come soon enough.

Sorely Missed by Anonymous for hd_fanart's Art Fest (Harry/Draco, G) YOU GUYS, THIS ART IS GORGEOUS. And I'm not just saying that because it's my prompt. The artist captured the feeling of being underwater so well. Harry's expression just kills me. KILLS ME. It's a wonderful mix of love and relief and concern and anger over Draco being put in danger. OH BOYS.

It All Begins by Anonymous for hd_fanart's Art Fest (Harry Draco, G) It all begins, indeed. This multi-panel piece of awesomeness is clean and soft and the artist manages to capture so much emotion with just a few exchanged glances. I am SO envious of the artist's skill with lines. Actually, I'm envious of any artist who can convey feeling and meaning with a couple of sweeping lines and simple shading.

Sam and Dean and a little angsty schmoop by quickreaver (Sam & Dean, PG for bare-chestedness) The expression on Dean's face is so mournful. I love the details in his eyes and his freckles are wonderful. But the very best part is Sam's hair. &heart; My line envy applies to this piece too.
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of music, recs, and christmas cards


Cobra Starship's Night Shades is on loop in my car right now and I'm really digging Disaster Boy. It took a while for me to come around on the new CD (a little too much club vibe for my liking, some of the singing sounds off, plus Shaggy OMG WHAT NO) but I like it. It's no Viva La Cobra (best ever) but it's good and catchy and generally upbeat. If anyone wants I can put the album up for download.

Recs in need!

I'll soon be embarking on a short road trip with some friends to attend another friend's wedding in October and I need tunes! I'm going to be stuck in a car with these people for hours and hours and while I love them, I prefer to drive with nothing but good songs in my ear and the open road ahead. Therefore, please rec me some good driving music!

Rec for you!

the road ahread is clear again by notalwaysweak (The Big Bang Theory). This was done for bigbangbigbang and it features a Penny that tries to do well for herself and then good things happen. It touches on the Penny/Raj and Penny/Leonard relationships from the show and clears them up neatly. The Penny/Sheldon in this is really more pre-relationship but the build-up is very sweet and believable. The supporting characters are also quite awesome. Author's summmary: Penny’s had enough of being a failure. If she can’t succeed at what she wants to, then damn it, she’s going to succeed at what she knows she’s good at.

Christmas cards!

Don't forget to give me your address if you want a Christmas card! Come one, come all, share in the goodness and joy of the holiday season. :D
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tbbt fic rec

This is how Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory should start → And I'm Knee-Deep In It by fujiidom. Seriously. To quote the fic summary, it's "an alternate take on the aftermath of the fourth season finale". This was my help_japan fill and I could not be any happier with it. There's an accompanying fanmix, too! Thank you fujiidom, you're the bestest. ♥ ♥ ♥ This totally made my weekend.

There has been an explosion of Castiel related things following the SPN finale and as much as I'm down with it, I still don't know how I feel about the turn of events. Maybe after a few rewatches I'll make up my mind one way or another. I have a burning itch to draw all sorts of things now, though. :D This indecision might be good for me.
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tbbt art: third movement

Title: Third Movement
Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Rating: G
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Fanart for The Sonata by d_sieya. Zombie apocalypse and Sheldon and Penny try their best to survive. It's vivid and sad and it makes my chest all tight and my heart hurt. I can't even. Just go read it. ♥

But, uh, don't look too closely at their expressions. And don't ask me why Sheldon's mouth looks like that or why Penny looks like she's sort of smiling because I don't know. I also didn't know how to make it ashy or rubble-y like it describes in the fic.

I also don't know why I finished that before I finished my Snarry-A-thon art. I gots to work on that. :| I can't sleep anyway, this daylight savings stuff's a bitch.

Btw, help_japan's autions are underway. I've signed up for art.
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why, supernatural, WHY???

Tonight's brand-spanking new episode of Supernatural has been postponed according to the CW. BUT WHY???

On a different note, I have signed up for the following:

  • hd_bigbang. Author sign-ups are closed but artist sign-ups are still open! If you're an artist, sign up here! Artist sign-ups will stay open until April 30. Fics are due May 31, artworks are due August 14, and everything goes live September 1.

  • spn_j2_bigbang. Author sign-ups are on until February 1, go here to sign up. Artist sign-ups are on until May 1, go here to sign up. Rough drafts of fics are due May 1, artists claim fics May 6, art is due June 1, and posting begins June 6.

  • snape_potter's Snarry-A-Thon. To claim a prompt, go here. Due date is April 1.

If you're interested in any of the above, then pelase sign up! :D If you're also interested (which you totally should be!), hp_art_xchange's sign-ups are still open. GO HERE TO SIGN UP!

The dates and stuff are more for me than anything because I have a tough time remembering due dates.

TBBT fic rec! It's another old one, but I read it three times yesterday and I got teary all three times. And I'm toggling between typing up this entry and reading snippets of the fic and I'm getting teary again. Yours (The Earth And All That's In It) by montycrowley, Sheldon/Penny - Author's summary, "He loses the Nobel. She makes pie. The season ends. The world ends. They fix it. They ruin it. Then they find each other. And it all makes sense in the end". It's sad but hopeful and the exchange between Penny and Sheldon at the end when she asks him why he married Leslie and he answers because she married Leonard, ohhhh, that makes my heart break into tiny little pieces.

I read through older fics because they're less likely to be WIPs. I'm not to keen on WIPs because I have no patience. I neeeeed to finish a fic, suspense kills me!
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coffee (and bbt fics) makes the world go 'round

The hospitality workers at the university where I work are still on strike. The traffic to get in and out of the campus is crazy. Buses aren't allowed to cross the picket line so the street in front the university has become a make-shift bus terminal. I haven't seen any picketers yet but apparently they're out there. I keep getting emails asking me to show support for my "brothers and sisters" by picketing during my lunch hour. Um, no thanks. The Tim Horton's in my building is closed because of the strike. ;_; I need cofffeeee. However, I've started taking a detour through the Health Sciences complex for my morning coffee. It's a longer walk but I get delicious hot coffee and the cute barista smiles at me and tells me that large coffees are his specialty.

It hasn't been very busy at work because of the holidays so I've spent a lot of time reading Big Bang Theory fanfic. I know they're old, but some of my favourites so far are:

Between the Lines by jezaraen, Sheldon/Penny - Leonard moves out of 4A to live with his new girlfriend and Penny offers to help Sheldon rearrange his schedule and adjust to the change. It's a short-ish fic but I like the gradual movement from neighbours to friends to being together. It's such a natural progression in the story.

The Sonata by d_sieya, Sheldon/Penny - Zombie-fic with character death. But don't let that turn you away. It's vivid and sad and haunting and it makes my chest all tight and it makes me cry (rivers of tears, you guys) every time I read it. I can totally SEE this line at the end, "he picks his gun off the top of the piano and seemingly tests its weight". It's just so, GUH. I don't normally read fics like this (i.e. apolacyptic zombie fics with character death) but this was just so beautiful. I can't stop re-reading it.

The World in Solemn Stillness by allthingsholy, Sheldon/Penny - Set during Christmases from 2008 to 2013. This is another fic that had me in tears because it was so beautifully written and bittersweet and the Sheldon in the story makes my heart hurt. Until this story, I never knew how romantic tungsten carbide is.

Though They Sink Through the Sea by dashakay, Sheldon/Penny - Leonard dies, Penny becomes successful and Sheldon goes off to find himself. Don't let my sucky summary fool you, this fic is wonderful and even though the beginning is sad, it shows Sheldon in a new light and it gives Penny a future.

I know there's more that I've read and liked and I'm in the process of saving them onto my delicious account, which hasn't seen any action since 2008. :/

Reading all those lovely fics makes me itchin' to draw! :D :D :D

Speaking of drawing...did you know that hp_art_xchange's 2011 Session 1 sign-up is open???