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fic rec and cards

Belated Happy Thanksgiving all you American folk on my flist! You better get out there and go Black Friday shopping to fight off that turkey coma.

xmenbigbang claims have come and gone. There were only 22 fics and were all claimed before I got a chance to look around. Boo-urns. But that's okay because the fic/art collabs will probably be really fantastic.

Quick fic rec!

My Brother Has Many Lovers by metallic_sweet (Thor/Loki, 3,679 words)

When Thor and Loki first ventured to Midgard, Loki made Thor a cloak of shadows to allow the mortals to gaze upon him without being blinded. It's only years later when the cloak frays that Thor realizes that, perhaps, he's the one who's been blind all along.

Ugh. I love me some Thor/Loki angst. Throw in some doubt and hints of angry sex and a bit of jealousy, I'm a happy (sad?) camper. I really like the last line because it could mean a number of things

Also, don't forget to leave your address here if you'd like to receive a holiday card from me!
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i can't even with some fics

When I read a fic by a new author I come across I like to look through all their fics for more reading material. This usually leads to good reads and new pairings and overall awesomeness.

Case in point. I read this:
Cryptonomican In Practical Application (In Pursuit of a Decreased Variable 'S') by cerebel (Tony/Loki)
In which Tony is a codebreaker, and Loki interrupts his perfected routine by having the gall to be a Nazi defector.

Which led to this:
You Feed Me Fables From Your Hand by cerebel (Clint/Loki)
Three years ago, the twilight of the Gods: Clint Barton watched as Asgard descended into chaos, unimaginable monsters against unimaginable power, death and destruction to a degree he never thought possible. Three years ago, he saw Thor wade into the fray and fight his way to his brother, Loki. Three years ago, he ran, fleeing with the rest of the Avengers, as the gods dissolved into memory and dust.

Today, he sees Loki again.

And then somehow finally to this:
Corruption and Creme Brulee by amanuensis1 (Clint/Loki)
Loki finds that Agent Barton is peerless. In all things. For a mortal. Which is unforgivable.

Okay, I've been reading amanuensis1's stuff for years now and her fics still make me ASLDJFHDSKAFLDK all over the place. While the first Clint/Loki fic is more along the redemption and fix-it lines (which I love love love), the second just made my brain short-circuit with its delicious mind-control, dub/non-con porny goodness. And the ending. The ending.

On another Avengers-related noted, I got my first pick for marvel_bang and the author (idk, can I mention who before claims end?) has already emailed me plot outline. It is GLORIOUS and cute and I can't wait to read the entire thing.

I need an appropriate fangirling icon.
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fest sign-ups

So I signed up for hd_holidays. It's the last year the fest will be run so if you'd like to participate, sign up here!

Things that I read recently:

A Vision of the Start at the End by faviconelsian (Prince Hal/the Huntsman, Hollow Crown and SWATH crossover, R) | Whilst all of the Duke’s men are loyal to Snow White, war’s cannot be won on heart alone, and Snow White requests the aid of her childhood friend Prince Hal, now King Henry, to fight back against Queen Ravenna and her dark army.

Ergonomics by faviconrangerdanger (Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth, NC17) | Office AU. Work is hell but Chris tries to cope.

I've been trying to find more Hiddlesworth AU RPF but haven't really found much. :( I guess the abundance of J2 fics have really spoiled me.

My friend who wanted to go to either Chicago or Montreal for her bachelorette thing has now decided that she wants to go to New York. So it's hotel hunting I must do.

Also, my sister was talking about Fifty Shades of Gray today. I was horrified and told her that if she wants something smutty to read, I will link her to a bunch of fic that are far better written. She said no thanks. WHAT.
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travel questions and fic rec

Guys, what's fun to do in Montreal and Chicago (i.e. clubs, restaurants, shopping, etc.)? Those are our top two choices for my friend's bachelorette trip and we're trying to figure out some things. Also, how are hotel costs for those two cities? Airfare to Montreal via Air Canada start at $64 for the days we want to go, which is pretty cheap.

So I read this yesterday:

Good Inside by glayish (Thor/Loki, NC17, non-con/dub-con, object insertion)

“Is this supposed to shame me, Thor? I thought you could do better. But I should have known.” Loki bares his teeth and when he speaks into Thor’s ear he makes sure his words bite.

“There’s not enough good in you to take the bad out of me.”

ASLDJFHSJKALDFJKL THAT FIC. The thing was universally hot but if I had to pinpoint the part that made me go UNF was this: “Watch,” Thor’s voice is dark and rough and deep. “Watch how far inside I can get the good to go.”

And I also watched The Hollow Crown yesterday afternoon. For the remainder of the day I couldn't say anything except variations of OMG THOMAS HIDDLESTON YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER LIFE RUINER UGH THE THINGS YOU MAKE ME FEEL GODAMN YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE.

I have so many things I want to draw but I don't have the time to draw them!
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fic recs? fic recs!

I'm a sucker for hooker fics or stripper fics or similar fics that end with happy endings (both in the physical and metaphoral sense). Strangely enough, I've never seen Pretty Woman. Anyway, here are a few that I've read lately:

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I've yet to read We Met At The Park by faviconstarrose. I was waiting until it was compelte before I started but not that it is done, it will be next on my to-read list. :D

Also, if you've got any like-minded fic recs then gimme gimme! I will take any from the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, XMFC and The Eagle.

Random question is random. Should I go to Ascendio in July? Hmm.
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AO3, fic rec, and spn_j2_bigbang!

Guys, I think I'm doing AO3 wrong. I mean, I've bookmarked almost all the fics I've read so far and is there a maximum amount of bookmarks one can have? Because at this rate, I'm going to be bookaming ALL the Charles/Erik fics. Also, how do you link to an AO3 user like you would an LJ user and does anyone actually use it to post fanart or is AO3 only a fic thing?

Last night I read An Ideal Grace by nekosmuse and afrocurl and ASLDJFDLKJLK. It's a modern-day AU that features Charles as a Genetics professor and Erik as an English Lit professor. Charles' students drop out of his class because the time conflicts with the hot visiting professor's poetry class. Curious, Charles sits in on one of Erik's lectures and finds that he doesn't blame his students for abandoning him at all. Cue the confusion and misunderstanding as Erik mistakes Charles for one of his students.

This fic was funny and warm and the characters were engaging and it was just so so so good. And the important question is: ARE THERE MANY MORE FICS LIKE THIS?!

Take note! Writer and artist sign-ups for spn_j2_bigbang happens January 5th. :D :D :D

Also, I had a wrap for lunch and it had a ridiculous amount of onions which I picked out and now my hands smell like onions regardless of how many times I wash them. Grossss.
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xmbb fic rec

A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Gold by etharei, from xmenbigbang

Summary: Charles, a miner from a poor village in the countryside, saves the life of Erik Lehnsherr, scion of a successful business family and the richest man on the planet Eisen. Charles is a telepath and somewhat anxious about it, while Erik abstains from relationships because the lights flicker and doors open and electronics vibrate when he gets too excited.

Also features a long-suffering sister, a foul-mouthed bodyguard, and a best friend with a heart that is definitely not gold.

In which there are princes, spaceships, long journeys, and old secrets uncovered.

ASDLJKLMLK. JESUS CHRIST. THSI FIC. This fic. This fic. It's exactly as the summary says. But it's also so much more. SO VERY MUCH MORE.

It's set years and years into the future, there's space travel and planet colonization and intergalactic elite society and secret rooms and psychic spacecrafts and Iron Man and other fantastic things. It reads like an epic Charles/Erik space AU but not at the same time.

The author does an amazing job with crafting an entire world around the two main characters and builds a solid and believable history about this world and everyone living in it. The story is descriptive without being overly so and the pace is fast but good and easy to follow. I think my favourite thing in the story, aside from the overall Charles/Erik (or everything, really), is the brief look at past Magneto.

I swear, when Round 2 of xmenbigbang opens I will totally be there.
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cards out, fics read

Christmas cards are all (except 2) mailed out! I stood in line at the post office for a good 45 minutes, mostly because people are stupid and don't realize that they need to have the package ready for mailing before they get to the post office. Trying to stuff things into a box while the line grows behind you is Not Cool. Arguing with the post office guy about your package is also Not Cool.

Also, I think I may have messed up on the art inserts for the cards. I intentionally printed one extra of each kind of art insert and I have three extra TBBT inserts and six extra SPN inserts. If you are missing an art insert, please let me know! D:

Guess what movie is playing in the background? Lololol, points go to whoever guesses X-Men: First Class. Is there an appropriate short-form for X-Men: First Class? Like HP or SPN or TBBT. I can't keep typing out the full title. And, I refuse to call Charles/Erik by its portmanteau. There will be no Cherik here.

I bawled my face off while reading this: If You Still believe by shinigami_yumi. The art for this fic is gorgeous. This fandom has such an overabundance of supremely talented artists.

Right now all I want to read in this fandom is angsty, angry hurt/comfort fics. Or porn. Like a really hot telepathic mindfuck. The kind where they're actually mentally fucking each, or rather, Charles is mentally fucking Erik. Not the bad, screwed up mindfuck type of mindfuck. If that makes sense...
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'tis the season!

You guys. YOU GUYS. Christmas came early for me:

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by mothermedusa20 (Sheldon/Penny, G, The Big Bang Theory) Sheldon wants to buy Amy a Christmas present and he recruits Penny to help. They shop around, they bicker, they take pictures with Santa and essentially have a good time. Soon, Penny starts to think that maybe Sheldon really is the guy from her story after all.

Sheldon and Penny go Christmas shopping but things don't end up as planned. There are such cute little moments of awkwardness between Sheldon and Penny in this and such a sweetness that warms my heart.

Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership by Mystery Author for hd_holidays (Harry/Draco, R) Forced to work together on an important case within the Ministry, Harry and Draco find that if they're not letting their animosity get in the way, they might actually be brilliant together. For as long as the assignment lasts, at least.

I love it when Harry and Draco are forced to work together because it lends itself to so many things. In this fic there is much snarking and banter set against a fantastic and creative case.

I love the holidays! :D
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Long update is long, but I'm not cutting because I haven't updated in over two weeks and this is an amalgamation of those lost two weeks.

ishie wrote the most awesome TBBT fic for my help_japan contribution: Method Man (Sheldon, Penny, Wil Wheaton). It's got a quote-spouting, name-dropping Wil Wheaton who's a little bit of an asshole, a career-driven and margarita-fueld Penny, and a Sheldon who's very Sheldon, even while drunk. GO READ IT.

⇒ I'm still working on art for hd_holidays, harryronholiday, an art trade with mothermedusa20, a Dean/Ruby commission and inserts for the holiday cards.

⇒ Speaking of holiday cards, LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS HERE if you would like to received a holiday card. :D I like sending out cards and you probably like getting stuff in the mail, so it's a win-win situation. Comments on the entry are screened for obvious privacy reasons.

⇒ Fest reveals! I drew First Meeting (Harry/Draco, G) for hd_canon_fest and Stroke of Midnight (Harry/Draco, PG) for hd_fanart's Art Fest. I have to respond to all the lovely comments. ♥

⇒ I've been trying to organize my tags and stuff at Pinboard. It's going good so far but I've been getting distracted by the fics that I've bookmarked. It's like I'm compelled to re-read all the fics I've tagged.

⇒ Art rec! Tangled In You by letoist. A J2 twist on on Tangled. The art is gorgeous. The glow from the hair and the black and purple backgrounds and the little lights floating about are so fantastic. But my most favourite part is the scrolling down and down and down to get to the bottom. It reinforces the length of the hair and the height of the tower. Amazing.

⇒ On the work front, I've been so swamped with stuff. We've got site meetings and investigator meetings and audits and random reports due every week or so until the end of January that we're all scramling to get everything done correctly and on time. But whatevs, I say bring it (snakes on a plane).

⇒ On Saturday I went to Dave & Busters and it's usually a great place for food and fun. But man, it sucked the big one that night. It took almost an hour for us to get a table, we waited another hour for the food to come and the serving staff got a lot of our orders wrong, my friend ordered a brownie sundae and it took them another hour to tell her that they were out of brownies. Just horrible.

⇒ Also over the weekend, I watched Captain America for the first time. I was into Tony Stark's dad; it was the 'stache. And not knowing anything about Captain America (I didn't Wiki it like I usually do to movies), the ending where he wakes up after being asleep for decades threw me for a loop. Poor Peggy. Now I want to read harry Steve/Peggy fic.

⇒ Knowing how much I love Shel Silverstein, my sister left this on my FB yesterday and it made me lol:

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