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  • Walkthrough has been posted at fanartivation! See it here!

  • In the event of another LJ downtime, you can find me at the following: Dreamwidth (hibiesque), Twitter (ginaraf), and Tumblr (ginaraf).

  • I owe people so many comment replies. D:

  • Instead of doing the things I'm supposed to be doing (i.e. replying to comments, working on big bang stuffs) I'm marathoning Criminal Minds episodes. It's mainly for MGG and the little interactions between Morgan and Garcia. ♥ Oh yes.

  • Pottermore!!!!
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

dreamwidth and i want to eat my monitor

Thanks to moreteadk (♥!), I have a Dreamwidth account → hibiesque @ dreamwidth.

Someone had already taken the name I wanted (hibiscus) and they wouldn't let me have a username that started with an underscore (__hibiscus) so I went with my domain name minus the hyphen. I've signed up for all these different online things it's a wonder how I get my work done! Help me procrastinate, add me and point me in the direction of good communities to watch/join!

Tumblr distraction for today is baking. NOM NOM NOM. I've come across a ton of things that I would like to make. I'm especially looking forward to making this:

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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

the other journal

Here I am on GJ, if anyone would like to friend me there. I've had that journal for quite a while and never used it, I didn't think I'd ever use it but if the insanity at lj continues, it might become my new home... not that this gets used much anymore. :P

Does anyone know how can I get rid of the side bar link thing layout on GJ's main intro page and make it so that it's like LJ's with the links and whatnot on the top?

It is 1:40 am and I can't sleep and I have to work tomorrow. Yikes.