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HP - blockhead!Harry

Art: Regulus (G)

Title: R.A.B.
Characters: Regulus Black
Rating: G

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This was done as a (very late) pinch-hit for vividescent and hp_art_xchange. He turned out far more orange and gold than I intended, but I think it works out. :D Even though he was a Slytherin, giving Voldemort the old switcheroo with the locket was a very brave and Gryffindor thing to do. So, the colour scheme is fine.
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i'm gonna dance, dance, dance

Thanks to those that wished me a happy birthday!

I'm really liking Born This Way and am attached to Government Hooker, Bloody Mary, and You & I.

Now, some things:

Sign up for Session 2 of hp_art_xchange! The deadline to sign up has been extended to June 11, 2011. Click on the banner or link below to be directed to the sign-up post.

Harry Potter Art Exchange

[ Session 2 Sign-Up Post | Community & Posting Guidelines | FAQ | Pinch-Hitters ]
[ Email the mods: hpae @ hibi-esque.com ]

Prompt submission for sheldon_penny's summer remix challange closes today. Submit your prompts here!

Also, I need music help! If I say "time-travel", "dimensions", and/or "happy endings", what songs come immediately to mind?
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coffee (and bbt fics) makes the world go 'round

The hospitality workers at the university where I work are still on strike. The traffic to get in and out of the campus is crazy. Buses aren't allowed to cross the picket line so the street in front the university has become a make-shift bus terminal. I haven't seen any picketers yet but apparently they're out there. I keep getting emails asking me to show support for my "brothers and sisters" by picketing during my lunch hour. Um, no thanks. The Tim Horton's in my building is closed because of the strike. ;_; I need cofffeeee. However, I've started taking a detour through the Health Sciences complex for my morning coffee. It's a longer walk but I get delicious hot coffee and the cute barista smiles at me and tells me that large coffees are his specialty.

It hasn't been very busy at work because of the holidays so I've spent a lot of time reading Big Bang Theory fanfic. I know they're old, but some of my favourites so far are:

Between the Lines by jezaraen, Sheldon/Penny - Leonard moves out of 4A to live with his new girlfriend and Penny offers to help Sheldon rearrange his schedule and adjust to the change. It's a short-ish fic but I like the gradual movement from neighbours to friends to being together. It's such a natural progression in the story.

The Sonata by d_sieya, Sheldon/Penny - Zombie-fic with character death. But don't let that turn you away. It's vivid and sad and haunting and it makes my chest all tight and it makes me cry (rivers of tears, you guys) every time I read it. I can totally SEE this line at the end, "he picks his gun off the top of the piano and seemingly tests its weight". It's just so, GUH. I don't normally read fics like this (i.e. apolacyptic zombie fics with character death) but this was just so beautiful. I can't stop re-reading it.

The World in Solemn Stillness by allthingsholy, Sheldon/Penny - Set during Christmases from 2008 to 2013. This is another fic that had me in tears because it was so beautifully written and bittersweet and the Sheldon in the story makes my heart hurt. Until this story, I never knew how romantic tungsten carbide is.

Though They Sink Through the Sea by dashakay, Sheldon/Penny - Leonard dies, Penny becomes successful and Sheldon goes off to find himself. Don't let my sucky summary fool you, this fic is wonderful and even though the beginning is sad, it shows Sheldon in a new light and it gives Penny a future.

I know there's more that I've read and liked and I'm in the process of saving them onto my delicious account, which hasn't seen any action since 2008. :/

Reading all those lovely fics makes me itchin' to draw! :D :D :D

Speaking of drawing...did you know that hp_art_xchange's 2011 Session 1 sign-up is open???
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a summary in bullet-form

  • Second Quarter sign-ups END TODAY for hp_art_xchange! So if you haven't done so alreay, please sign up HERE! The pairings list will be up soon after the sign-ups end.

  • big_bang_hd is killing me. Killing me, I say, with all its H/D glory.

  • Artist and vidders sign-ups for spn_j2_bigbang ends today. Art prompts go up for claiming May 5. Eeee, I can't wait! :D :D :D

  • My goldfish died today. :( I've had him for five years and he was huge. Like, bigger than my hand huge. He was so small when we first got him. My sister and I buried him under a pine tree.

  • There was a drug bust near my work. Supposedly it was the largeest meth bust ever in the GTA. It went down yesterday but I didn't find out until today. There was a police command centre trailer, tv crews, fire trucks, police tape, everything. Very Hollywood-ish.
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it is friday and rainy and gray

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Those? They makes me all a-flutter and make my chest feel tight then I feel like giggling. The first one especially. I have a thing for guys with upturned collars. These are making today's gray and rain a whole lot better. Pics are from dean_sam.

Sign-ups for hp_art_xchange are happening now. Sign up iffen you would like to participate in 2008's Second Quarter. First Quarter arts are due April 11.

Are there are art exchange comms or fest-type things in the Supernatural fandom?
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lj strike, wot?

Haha. I didn't think the lj strike would affect me in any way because I don't post much anyway, but lookit me post when I'm not supposed to. :D Now a non-post in bullet form:

  • For those participating, all art for hp_art_xchange's First Quarter is due April 11th. Second Quarter sign-ups will start April 1st.

  • For SPN peoples, are there any art exchange communities like hp_art_xchange?

  • I know it's still a few months until the artists get a sneak preview of the fics, but I can't wait for big_bang_hd and spn_j2_bigbang! It'll be the third time I'm participating in the big bang for HD and the first for SPN. *excited*

  • Happy Birthday, coell!

  • Who wants to spam me with Harry/Draco, Sam/Dean, or J2 related fic and/or art?! ILU!

I'm trying to write a manual or how-to thing for work. Dude, I knew I sucked at explaining things but I never knew I sucked quite so much. I'm reading what I've written so far and OMG, it blows. O_o