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fic rec and cards

Belated Happy Thanksgiving all you American folk on my flist! You better get out there and go Black Friday shopping to fight off that turkey coma.

xmenbigbang claims have come and gone. There were only 22 fics and were all claimed before I got a chance to look around. Boo-urns. But that's okay because the fic/art collabs will probably be really fantastic.

Quick fic rec!

My Brother Has Many Lovers by metallic_sweet (Thor/Loki, 3,679 words)

When Thor and Loki first ventured to Midgard, Loki made Thor a cloak of shadows to allow the mortals to gaze upon him without being blinded. It's only years later when the cloak frays that Thor realizes that, perhaps, he's the one who's been blind all along.

Ugh. I love me some Thor/Loki angst. Throw in some doubt and hints of angry sex and a bit of jealousy, I'm a happy (sad?) camper. I really like the last line because it could mean a number of things

Also, don't forget to leave your address here if you'd like to receive a holiday card from me!
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holiday cards, art fest, tumblr

Hey guys! Don't forget to leave your address here if you want a Christmas card from me. Old friends, new friends, everyone!

Also, have you checked out hd_fanart's Art Fest? :D :D :D

I was going through my tumblr and I realized that I have yet to cross-post a good chunk of my fanart. I think I may do that for the more recent ones. So if you follow me, pardon the fanart spam that may pop up in the next few days.
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holiday cards 2012


Alright friends! New friends, old friends, everyone! it's that time of year again!

A few people on my flist already have their card posts up and since the early bird gets her cards out on time, I thought it would be best if I get my card post up too.

Ye olde instructions:

1. Leave you name and mailing address (as it should be written on the envelope) in a comment below.
2. Pick one (or two, or three, or all): Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Avengers, XMFC

Comments are screened.
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fic rec and tbbt art!

How did I get to so lucky?! Seriously, HOW?!

weasleytook wrote From Alpha to Omega and the Beta Reader, Too for me for Saturnalia over at sheldon_penny. Summary: Penny gets ambitious enough to write a novel and makes the potentially dangerous mistake of asking Sheldon for help editing. It's got Sheldon and Penny and fanfic and anonmemes and wonderfully funny dialgoue. Basically, it's perfect so you should go and read it.

In keeping with The Big Bang Theory theme of this post:

Title: C-Men: Happy Saturnalia, Sheldon
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Rating: G

Collapse )

This was the BBT Christmas card insert for anyone who requested TBBT. :D
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Art: "Say, what's in this drink?" [Harry, G]

Title: Say, what's in this drink?
Characters: Harry Potter
Rating: G

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I really can't say / Baby it's cold outside

Most have gotten my holiday cards already, so yay, I'm posting the art! :D The above is the Harry Potter insert. This really goes out to whitestar who suggested "Harry with his hand around a mug of hot coca" after I complained about not knowing what to draw. ♥ The green mug is a nod to Draco, lol. I wasn't sure if people would be ok with getting a slashy card so I jused gen-ed it up a bit.

The other inserts will be posted in the next few days. Hopefully I can stop watching First Class long enough to do so. Collapse )
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more cards! :D

More cards!

The Harry/Draco art (top left) came from the super cute moose card (middle) from bryoneybrynn, the "Meery & Bright" card with the awesome ornament (top right, she made that herself!!) is from kyasuriin , the cards with the beautiful birds (bottom left) is from serpentpixie, and the adorable dotted Santa card with the O Christmas Tree remake featuring Sheldon/Penny is from trippy41.

Thank you! ♥
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cards out, fics read

Christmas cards are all (except 2) mailed out! I stood in line at the post office for a good 45 minutes, mostly because people are stupid and don't realize that they need to have the package ready for mailing before they get to the post office. Trying to stuff things into a box while the line grows behind you is Not Cool. Arguing with the post office guy about your package is also Not Cool.

Also, I think I may have messed up on the art inserts for the cards. I intentionally printed one extra of each kind of art insert and I have three extra TBBT inserts and six extra SPN inserts. If you are missing an art insert, please let me know! D:

Guess what movie is playing in the background? Lololol, points go to whoever guesses X-Men: First Class. Is there an appropriate short-form for X-Men: First Class? Like HP or SPN or TBBT. I can't keep typing out the full title. And, I refuse to call Charles/Erik by its portmanteau. There will be no Cherik here.

I bawled my face off while reading this: If You Still believe by shinigami_yumi. The art for this fic is gorgeous. This fandom has such an overabundance of supremely talented artists.

Right now all I want to read in this fandom is angsty, angry hurt/comfort fics. Or porn. Like a really hot telepathic mindfuck. The kind where they're actually mentally fucking each, or rather, Charles is mentally fucking Erik. Not the bad, screwed up mindfuck type of mindfuck. If that makes sense...
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Art Repost: "First Meeting" [H & D, G], "Stroke of Midnight" [H/D, PG]

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: hd_holidays and harryronholiday submissions are done and emailed to their respective mods.

DRAWINGS LEFT TO DRAW: A scene from mothermedusa20's BBBB apocafic Miles To Go (Before I Sleep), a Dean/Ruby scene from a fic excerpt, holiday card inserts, and my Saturnalia gift which I am so very excited about. :D :D :D

Speaking of holiday card inserts, I already know what I'm doing for TBBT and SPN, but I'm stuck on what to draw for HP! Help meeee. Still speaking of holiday cards, LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS HERE IF YOU WANT A CARD. :D :D :D

ART REPOST: It occured to me that I never reposted my contributions to hd_canon_fest and hd_fanart's Art Fest. I've linked to them but not posted them on my own journal.

Title: First Meeting
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Rating: G
Notes: This was drawn for hd_canon_fest

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Title: Stroke of Midnight
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Notes: This was drawn for hd_fanart's Art Fest, and the prompt was submitted by talekayler

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