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Long update is long, but I'm not cutting because I haven't updated in over two weeks and this is an amalgamation of those lost two weeks.

ishie wrote the most awesome TBBT fic for my help_japan contribution: Method Man (Sheldon, Penny, Wil Wheaton). It's got a quote-spouting, name-dropping Wil Wheaton who's a little bit of an asshole, a career-driven and margarita-fueld Penny, and a Sheldon who's very Sheldon, even while drunk. GO READ IT.

⇒ I'm still working on art for hd_holidays, harryronholiday, an art trade with mothermedusa20, a Dean/Ruby commission and inserts for the holiday cards.

⇒ Speaking of holiday cards, LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS HERE if you would like to received a holiday card. :D I like sending out cards and you probably like getting stuff in the mail, so it's a win-win situation. Comments on the entry are screened for obvious privacy reasons.

⇒ Fest reveals! I drew First Meeting (Harry/Draco, G) for hd_canon_fest and Stroke of Midnight (Harry/Draco, PG) for hd_fanart's Art Fest. I have to respond to all the lovely comments. ♥

⇒ I've been trying to organize my tags and stuff at Pinboard. It's going good so far but I've been getting distracted by the fics that I've bookmarked. It's like I'm compelled to re-read all the fics I've tagged.

⇒ Art rec! Tangled In You by letoist. A J2 twist on on Tangled. The art is gorgeous. The glow from the hair and the black and purple backgrounds and the little lights floating about are so fantastic. But my most favourite part is the scrolling down and down and down to get to the bottom. It reinforces the length of the hair and the height of the tower. Amazing.

⇒ On the work front, I've been so swamped with stuff. We've got site meetings and investigator meetings and audits and random reports due every week or so until the end of January that we're all scramling to get everything done correctly and on time. But whatevs, I say bring it (snakes on a plane).

⇒ On Saturday I went to Dave & Busters and it's usually a great place for food and fun. But man, it sucked the big one that night. It took almost an hour for us to get a table, we waited another hour for the food to come and the serving staff got a lot of our orders wrong, my friend ordered a brownie sundae and it took them another hour to tell her that they were out of brownies. Just horrible.

⇒ Also over the weekend, I watched Captain America for the first time. I was into Tony Stark's dad; it was the 'stache. And not knowing anything about Captain America (I didn't Wiki it like I usually do to movies), the ending where he wakes up after being asleep for decades threw me for a loop. Poor Peggy. Now I want to read harry Steve/Peggy fic.

⇒ Knowing how much I love Shel Silverstein, my sister left this on my FB yesterday and it made me lol:

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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

tbbt fic rec

This is how Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory should start → And I'm Knee-Deep In It by fujiidom. Seriously. To quote the fic summary, it's "an alternate take on the aftermath of the fourth season finale". This was my help_japan fill and I could not be any happier with it. There's an accompanying fanmix, too! Thank you fujiidom, you're the bestest. ♥ ♥ ♥ This totally made my weekend.

There has been an explosion of Castiel related things following the SPN finale and as much as I'm down with it, I still don't know how I feel about the turn of events. Maybe after a few rewatches I'll make up my mind one way or another. I have a burning itch to draw all sorts of things now, though. :D This indecision might be good for me.
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art for help_japan: sirius & james

For the wonderful kyasuriin who generously bid on me at help_japan:

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She requested cute dark-haired boys smoking outside, possibly behind a boarding school or something similar. She got Sirius and James smoking outside on school property. Hogwarts totally has stained glass windows. Yup. The background is loosely inspired by Panic's When the Day Met the Night. Loooove the part, "Well, he was just hanging around / Then he fell in love and he didn't know how / But he couldn't get out / Just hanging out then he fell in love". I hope you like it, kyasuriin! ♥!

I'm sure everyone who's participating in spn_j2_bigbang is aware that the reveals are up! I'm paired up with takadainmate who's writing this epic Dean/Castiel fic called In Eridu. Fic summary:

In Chicago, there are omens that point to something big. There's a heatwave that won't end, and the only clues Dean and Sam have to go on are a long history of people going missing from around Lake Michigan and Castiel's weird behaviour. There's something Castiel has forgotten and it's driving him mad.

Six thousand years earlier two other brothers fight to save their world from a slow, pitiless end by calling down the creature responsible. What they get is something they'd never expected, and the brothers come to think that maybe this being, who is powerful and righteous and calls itself Castiel, can save them all.

I'm very excited and can't wait to read it! Then the drawing begins. I was looking over the big bangs that I've signed up for and all will start posting September 1. Rough art for spn_j2_bigbang is due June 1, artist check-in happens August 11 for bigbangbigbang, and all art is due August 14 for hd_bigbang. Yikes.

ALSO! Sign-ups for Session 2 for hp_art_xchange is happening right now! Sign up here and partake in the wonders of exchanging gift art. If you don't want to sign up for a session but would occasionally like to participate in the exchange, then sign up to be a pinch-hitter. Your services will be required in the event a participant drops out. Come on, you know you want to! :D
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art for help_japan: lucius & narcissa malfoy

One help_japan piece down, one to go. The following is for scarletladyy:

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I had such issues with colouring this and the wonderful people over at artbeta helped me out tremendously. Thank you very much! ♥ And if you're ever stuck on or need help with your colour scheme, redheadsarehot linked to this awesome website: http://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/newest?time=30//.

Some neat-o things:

  • snape_potter's Snarry-A-Thon has started posting. Are you ready for some glorious Snape/Harry fic and art coming your way???

  • Girls on Screen! Just a bunch of chicks viewing and reviewing their favourite shows. There are some great commentaries, recaps, and reaction posts.

  • Comission information! In case you've ever wondered if I took comissions and what the costs were.
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art: neville/ginny

Title: Neville & Ginny
Neville & Ginny (Harry Potter)
Rating: G
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Drawn for loveflyfree for Write for Relief. She requested Neville/Ginny. I went through several versions with different poses, etc. but in not one of them did Neville turn out the way I wanted. :( Why won't you cooperate, Mr. Longbottom?

Still to do: scarletladyy's and kyasuriin's help_japan pieces. Also, help_japan has a poll to gauge interest on a secound round → poll is here.

On a completely different note, dicking around on the internet is infinitely more fun than typing up a how-to manual. I can't believe it's only 10:30 in the morning. I feel like it should already be, at the very least, 4:00 in the afternoon. This totally applies.

I know it's been said before, but Vices & Virtues is awesome. Love love love Hurricane.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

help_japan and art rec

help_japan auctions are done! Thanks to everyone who bid. ♥!!! You guys are wonderful and I love it that we as a collective group of fandomers can get together and fundraise for a good cause. I know that it's not a new idea and that there are other help communities out there. But this whole thing just makes my heart burst with such sparkly love for everyone.

This also makes my heart burst with art love: mayfly_78's Harry/Draco remix of Klimt's Water Serpents II Love love love the colours.

RRRoll Up the Rim update: Tim Hortons - 1 billion, Me - 3. I won a donut this morning. YESSS. I theorize that a good portion of the winning tabs are in out of the way places like Athabasca, Alberta. Totally not cool because it's almost summer and I need to win a barbecue. I could just go out and get one, but where's the fun and excitement in that?
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drive by bullet post

Update on fandom charity fundraising things:

  • help_japan's auctions are now closed to new offers but bidding continues until 6 am March 31st GMT+8. If you're Eastern Daylight Time, bidding closes at 6 pm March 30th. Refer to this post for your time zone.

  • Write for Relief will close the auction tomorrow. There is still time to submit and claim prompts!

  • My auction threard @ help_japan. Bid! Top 2 bidders get art, you guys! It's for a good cause. ♥

Random things:

  • Anyone watch Mad Love? It's got Jimmy from Breaker High on it. JIMMY. BREAKER HIGH. All it needs is Ryan Gosling.

  • Also, ♥ ♥ ♥ to lauriegilbert. Just 'cause.

  • I feel super old whenever I see next gen HP stuff. I can't wrap my head around the Potter, Weasley, and Malfoy kids... can't even call them by their names. I need to go read some Marauder era fic. Oh, MWPP.

  • Edited to add a rec! Scent Memory from hd_remix. Fic remixed into art, but it's much more than that. It's more like a short film of drawn scenes from the story with perfectly placed quotes and simple but evocative illustrations.
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spn art: winning, dean/ruby, pg

Title: But I'm Winning
Dean/Ruby (Supernatural)
Rating: PG, maybe a little NSFW
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Drawn for jacyevans for Write For Relief. She requested Dean/Ruby and her prompt was "Love is not a competition, but I'm winning". This is what came out of her prompt, but I don't think I interpreted it very well. :/ Let's pretend that Dean's a little into bloodplay and Ruby is still blonde. Personally I prefer Katie over Genevieve because Genevieve kinda weirds me out. She's cute, but she weirds me out. IDK.

The auctions at help_japan are closing soon! Bid or offer, do it before this weekend. My auction thread @ help_japan.
HP - HP/SS arabian nights

hp art: snape & dumbledore

Title: Comfort
Snape & Dumbledore
Rating: G
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Dumbledore and Snape as requested by bullet2 for Write for Relief. Her prompt was "comfort" and I really wanted to do something with Snape and Dumbledore and a demolished Godric's Hollow in the background. But sadly, Godric's Hollow wasn't cooperating with me last night so I had to axe it. I'm sorry. So now they're just going in for a hug. Hopefully I can give it another try later on.

Glompfest @ serpentinelion!

My auction thread @ help_japan


The 30-Day Challenge, if I had done it everyday like I was supposed to do I would have been done it by now. As it is, I'll bend the rules a little and pick and choose the days I'm going to complete from the unanswered questions. Today's topic will be movives and will be posted later. :D
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears


Written for Write for Relief:

Spin Him to the Ground by jacyevans. Summary: She's in this for the long haul, and she always wins. It's Sam/Ruby and Dean/Ruby and it's short but great and Ruby is so Ruby and demonic and treacherous.

Thank you, jacyevans! You are awesome.

Thank you guys for bidding on me for help_japan. ♥ But the auction's not over yet! Let's see how much money we can raise for Japan.

I don't really want to go in to work tomorrow. No particular reason, I just don't feel like it.