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just stuff

real life things

The friend's bachelorette weekend came and went two weekends ago (I'm just a lazy face lurker who doesn't post). We left very early Friday morning, got to Montreal around 1:00 pm, checked in and promptly crashed in the hotel room. Good things that happened: poutine, lots of drinking, poutine, shopping, clubs (of the regular dancing and strip variety), wandering the streets of Montreal at 3:00 in the morning, and even more poutine. Bad things that happened: poutine, getting sick from the weather, cat fights in the hotel room, and the 9.5 hour drive back to Toronto.

I don't think I have eaten that much fries + cheese+ gravy in my life. Ugh.

Pinterest in a little crazy. I see all sorts of pretty things that I like and want to repin but for some reason I don't and then I find myself drifting to tumblr to reblog pictures of Tom Hiddleston.

work things

I'm kinda falling out of love with my job. Not the job per se (I love the field I'm in and there's so much potential in it) but the actual work place. It's so dull and staid and quiet and boring. Lately I've been wanting to claw my face off because it's so quiet. I'm not interested in our projects any more and it's starting to show and I hate that it's starting to show because I've never been less than 110% on the job. :( I've started looking around for new jobs, but not in any real earnest in the off chance that I fall out of the funk I'm in and start loving my job again.

fandom things

I've been reading a lot of Suits and Tony/Loki fics lately. :D But! I've missed both new episodes of Supernatural so far. This makes me weep.

Have submitted my hd_fanart Art Fest. I really loved the prompt and it was glorious to go back to drawing pretty boys in pretty things. There are quite a few other fanarts that I really have to get a move on in drawing.

I also need to get a move on my hd_holidays thing. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me come up with something? I seem to be at a loss on what to draw for my recipient.
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name change?

So I was thinking about changing my username.

Both my twitter and tumblr accounts are under ginaraf, my DW and DeviantArt accounts are under hibiesque, and this LJ is under __hibiscus. I want to make them ginaraf (those that I can, anyway) so it's all one username and it's easy and everything matches.

I'm kind of hesitant to do so because I've had this username for almost 10 years. But then again, after 10 years maybe it's time for a change. D: I don't know; I am conflicted. And that means it's time for a poll:

Poll #1811552 Name change

Should I change my username?

Maybe. I will tell you in a comment.
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help me make a gif! dog with an ice cube!

Hey flist, how do you make gifs?

Lol, vague questions is vague. More specifically, what programs do you use to download videos (i.e. from YouTube), screencap images, etc? I have PS CS5 and I can import layers from videos so that's okay. I've heard that YouTube Downloader is good but I downloaded the program and it gave me a virus so, no more of that. How are those uploader and file converter websites? Are they any good? Can you point me to any helpful tutorials?

I'd like to start learning how to make my own gifs. :D

And I can't resist, this is a picture of one of my dogs guarding ice cubes that she's hoarded. Sorry for the crappy quality:

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:D :D :D