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rec comms and art things

Is there a Marvel-centric or Avengers-centric version of crack_van? I know there's crack_impala for the SPN fandom and crack_broom for the HP crowd. I follow comicstore_news but I'd really like to follow a comm dedicated to recs. Can you tell I'm new to the fandom? Lol.

Also, I need to get started on some art things. My hd_fanart prompt is really very awesome as there were boudoirs and feathers happening in it and I can't wait to get started. But I might need some help coming up with ideas for hd_holidays. I am awful at coming up with ideas on my own.
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on avengers feels, thor/loki fic recs, and the insanity workout

  • The Avengers gave me all the feels. ALL THE FEELS.


  • I was rewatching Thor the other day and instanty thought "arrange marriage fic" when Loki was being all angst-filled after Odin told him that he basically took baby Loki in the hopes that peace would come between their worlds. Does such a fic exist? Please, friends, tell me there is. if not, there really, really needs to be a Thor/Lokie arrange marriage fic.

  • I need to start drawing again. It's been so long since I actually drew something proper.

  • The art thief has been banned from deviantArt.

  • Has anyone tried the Insanity workout? Does it work and is it do-able?
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Art: "That Day" [Charles Xavier, XMFC]

Title: That Day
Characters: Charles Xavier (XMFC)
Rating: PG

Collapse )

So, rather than work on the stuff I should be working on, I drew this. :3 Pardon the anatomical mistakes. Now to find a comm to post this to! I've also been reading pkai7's recs. I just finished What Not to Expect When You're Not Expecting by thehoyden and you guys, I'm all ♥_____♥ all over the place.
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cards out, fics read

Christmas cards are all (except 2) mailed out! I stood in line at the post office for a good 45 minutes, mostly because people are stupid and don't realize that they need to have the package ready for mailing before they get to the post office. Trying to stuff things into a box while the line grows behind you is Not Cool. Arguing with the post office guy about your package is also Not Cool.

Also, I think I may have messed up on the art inserts for the cards. I intentionally printed one extra of each kind of art insert and I have three extra TBBT inserts and six extra SPN inserts. If you are missing an art insert, please let me know! D:

Guess what movie is playing in the background? Lololol, points go to whoever guesses X-Men: First Class. Is there an appropriate short-form for X-Men: First Class? Like HP or SPN or TBBT. I can't keep typing out the full title. And, I refuse to call Charles/Erik by its portmanteau. There will be no Cherik here.

I bawled my face off while reading this: If You Still believe by shinigami_yumi. The art for this fic is gorgeous. This fandom has such an overabundance of supremely talented artists.

Right now all I want to read in this fandom is angsty, angry hurt/comfort fics. Or porn. Like a really hot telepathic mindfuck. The kind where they're actually mentally fucking each, or rather, Charles is mentally fucking Erik. Not the bad, screwed up mindfuck type of mindfuck. If that makes sense...