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just stuff

real life things

The friend's bachelorette weekend came and went two weekends ago (I'm just a lazy face lurker who doesn't post). We left very early Friday morning, got to Montreal around 1:00 pm, checked in and promptly crashed in the hotel room. Good things that happened: poutine, lots of drinking, poutine, shopping, clubs (of the regular dancing and strip variety), wandering the streets of Montreal at 3:00 in the morning, and even more poutine. Bad things that happened: poutine, getting sick from the weather, cat fights in the hotel room, and the 9.5 hour drive back to Toronto.

I don't think I have eaten that much fries + cheese+ gravy in my life. Ugh.

Pinterest in a little crazy. I see all sorts of pretty things that I like and want to repin but for some reason I don't and then I find myself drifting to tumblr to reblog pictures of Tom Hiddleston.

work things

I'm kinda falling out of love with my job. Not the job per se (I love the field I'm in and there's so much potential in it) but the actual work place. It's so dull and staid and quiet and boring. Lately I've been wanting to claw my face off because it's so quiet. I'm not interested in our projects any more and it's starting to show and I hate that it's starting to show because I've never been less than 110% on the job. :( I've started looking around for new jobs, but not in any real earnest in the off chance that I fall out of the funk I'm in and start loving my job again.

fandom things

I've been reading a lot of Suits and Tony/Loki fics lately. :D But! I've missed both new episodes of Supernatural so far. This makes me weep.

Have submitted my hd_fanart Art Fest. I really loved the prompt and it was glorious to go back to drawing pretty boys in pretty things. There are quite a few other fanarts that I really have to get a move on in drawing.

I also need to get a move on my hd_holidays thing. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me come up with something? I seem to be at a loss on what to draw for my recipient.
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community activities and fest pimping time!

  • marvel_bang is still looking for artists, vidders, and fanmixers. Sign up here if you're interested. Judging by the number of comments, there's close to 300 authors signed up and only 68 artists/vidders/mixers and even if we non-authors claimed 2 stories it still wouldn't be enough to cover half of the stories. So, go forth and sign up! Sign-ups close September 14.

  • serpentinelion's posted their Glompfest 2012 Masterlist which is filled with so much H/D awesome that I can't even.

  • eagle_exchange has started posting! avengers_rbb is posting! No wonder I can't make much headway in the fanart department. Between the fantastic fic, friends' wedding plans, and work, I barely have time to sleep!

    • On a random note, Coming to America was on tv over the weekend. Oh god, I love that movie so much. It's one of my favourites and it never ever gets old. :D
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rec comms and art things

Is there a Marvel-centric or Avengers-centric version of crack_van? I know there's crack_impala for the SPN fandom and crack_broom for the HP crowd. I follow comicstore_news but I'd really like to follow a comm dedicated to recs. Can you tell I'm new to the fandom? Lol.

Also, I need to get started on some art things. My hd_fanart prompt is really very awesome as there were boudoirs and feathers happening in it and I can't wait to get started. But I might need some help coming up with ideas for hd_holidays. I am awful at coming up with ideas on my own.
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oh just some things

On fests and sign-ups and things:

Has anyone signed up for avengersfest? I'm a little on the fence about it. I haven't drawn anything Avengers related yet and I don't want my first foray into the fandom to be a fest and then have it turn out looking dumb.

I have, however, signed up for hd_holidays. \o/ I was on the fence about signing up for this one too, but since it's the last time it'll be run I figured I might as well take part. It's a little sad to know that it won't be back next year considering how it's such a big and well-loved H/D staple.

On real life things:

Tomorrow is my friend's bachelorette wherein we'll be learning how to pole dance. Lol, I anticipate being very sore come Sunday. Perhaps I might even sprain something (I hope not, but I can't rule it out).

Work has been so hectic lately! My boss keeps coming up with new studies which all require a shit ton of paperwork. Ugh, I'm totally going to get carpal tunnel from the computer work I've been doing. But I don't really mind considering that it makes the day pass by a lot quicker.

So I've been trying to lose weight and I'm doing okay (though, I still have some ways to go) except I can't seem to shrink my belly and my flappy wing arms (very attractive, I know). What's the solution? More cardio? Weights? Help me, instruct me O Fitness Gurus on my flist!

Other miscellaneous things:

Tom Hiddleston continues to be a handsome, charming, life-ruining bastard. Collapse )

I need to lay off the coffee for a little while; I'm starting to feel twitchy. And I think that (way) too much caffeine in my system is contibuting to my inability to have a good night's sleep. I've been sleeping poorly and getting really tired at work.

Olympics! It's a week late, but how cool was the opening ceremony?! Very. Canada's not doing too badly in the medal standings - 2 silver and 5 bronze. Go Canada! :D
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fest sign-ups

So I signed up for hd_holidays. It's the last year the fest will be run so if you'd like to participate, sign up here!

Things that I read recently:

A Vision of the Start at the End by faviconelsian (Prince Hal/the Huntsman, Hollow Crown and SWATH crossover, R) | Whilst all of the Duke’s men are loyal to Snow White, war’s cannot be won on heart alone, and Snow White requests the aid of her childhood friend Prince Hal, now King Henry, to fight back against Queen Ravenna and her dark army.

Ergonomics by faviconrangerdanger (Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth, NC17) | Office AU. Work is hell but Chris tries to cope.

I've been trying to find more Hiddlesworth AU RPF but haven't really found much. :( I guess the abundance of J2 fics have really spoiled me.

My friend who wanted to go to either Chicago or Montreal for her bachelorette thing has now decided that she wants to go to New York. So it's hotel hunting I must do.

Also, my sister was talking about Fifty Shades of Gray today. I was horrified and told her that if she wants something smutty to read, I will link her to a bunch of fic that are far better written. She said no thanks. WHAT.
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xmenreversebang 2012 art master post

For the X-Men Reverse Bang.
Story by ohmydarlingdearWould You Really Rush Out For Me Now? | Bodyguard AU. When Charles begins to receive anonymous death threats, Raven takes it upon herself to hire him a bodyguard. She hires Erik.

You guys, the fic is all kinds of awesome and must be read. ♥ I wanted to draw so much more for this but my plans got derailed by work things. It kind of sucks that I didn't realize until just a few minutes ago that I failed to represent Erik other than his hand and that the rest of the pictures are a bit dark. Oh well.

Collapse )

Now on tumblr!
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fic rec and hiddles is a life ruiner

Guys. YOU GUYS. You must read this right now:

A Study In Contrasts (or At Your Service)

Harry and Draco are the best of the best in putting up wards to counteract the wonky magic which was unleashed after the final battle – but Harry doesn’t know how to set up boundaries in his own life. Draco finds a way to help.

The above was written for my prompt over at hd_smoochfest and it is perfect. ♥___________♥

You know what (or who) else is perfect? TOM HIDDLESTON. Case in point. Ugh, Tom. I can't with you. You have been the quickest and surest life ruiner ever. This is my exact reaction to everything you are:

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real life, fandom, and tumblr things

Real Life Things:

My sister's 21st birthday is coming up in a week and half. It's both fantastic and terrying at the same time. It's fantastic because now that she's 21 we can finally go and watch The Price Is Right live (WOOO). But it's terrifying because it means I'm getting old. And my anxiety about being old and alone is increasing. D: D: D:

I'm on the lookout for a new job. My manager has already indicated that she'd like to renew my contract for another few years and as much I like Mac and its isolated little campus, it's a too far from home and friends. I thought about moving closer but kept putting it off and putting if off until there was no point in moving at all.

On the Zumba front, I've gotten marginally better. I'm still flailing around but it's a more controlled type of flailing. Lololol. I went out and bought one of those fancy heart rate monitor things and I'm very surprised at how many calories an hour of Zumba burns

Fandom Things:

mcfassy Spring Fest 2012! Leave your prompt here! If I could draw James and Michael even remotely resembling themselves, I would be all over this. Maybe I'll try. As it is, I just left some prompts. :D

I'm very excited for all the fic that'll be coming out of xmenreversebang.

hd_smoochfest submissions are due in 2 weeks!

Tumblr Things:

Tell me who you are on tumblr! I'm ginaraf. :D
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drive-by rec and glompfest

Everything About It Is A Long Song by pocky_slash

Erik's spent fifty years being a figurehead and he's ready to leave that behind. Luckily, so is Charles.

(aka Old Retired Dudes in Love)

THIS. This. This is what I always imagine Charles and Erik to have/be years into the future. There are challenges but it's them and they're finally together and they're trying and they're happy and still so much in love with each other. I love these two.

Also, serpentinelion's GLOMPFEST. It's that time of year again. :D Leave your prompt here! The prompt post will close April 12th so get yours in while you still can.
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someone put me out of my misery

Prompt claiming is still open over at xmenreversebang! I just checked and my prompt has yet to be claimed. Please, someone claaaaiiiim iiiittt. D:

Cool things happening:

  • hd_tournament. Sort of like an H/D version of FMM or battle royale type thing (?) where authors and artists compete as groups or as individuals. Sounds interesting but I don't think I'll have the time to participate.

  • serpentinelion's Glompfest is starting soon. General information with dates are here. All I need to know is that claiming begins April 14th. I ♥ Glompfest.

  • bigbangbigbang is still looking for artists/mixers/vidders so sign up here

Apparently, it's Fassy's birthday today. :D

God, I love his face. SO MUCH.