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Art: Illustration for "Busy Being Born"

(A little late, but) spn_j2_bigbang time!

Title: Busy Being Born
Author: ladyamarra
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Story Warnings: (Graphic): Sex, Depression, self-destructive behavior, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, Submission/Dominance dynamics, gender-issues, language, forced social-isolation, frottage. (non-Graphic): Past suicide attempts, self-destructive behavior, sexual-slavery, violence, (non-sexual) child-abuse, sexual harassment, sexual/gender discrimination, forced social-isolation, voluntary social-isolation, knotting, violence, mental disability
Summary: In 2210, most of the known Galaxy is part of Colonial territory. Society has advanced far beyond its keenest dreams, but male Omegas are still treated as basically worthless and hidden away by their families. For the longest time, Dean Winchester thinks he is just that: a useless Omega whose only purpose in life is to keep his uncle Bobby’s junk-freighter working while his father tries to find the raiders responsible for Mary’s death. But anything changes after Dean, desperate and unhappy with his existence, tries unsuccessfully to kill himself – suddenly he has to face a new world far away from his father and uncle, a new group of people who want only the best for him, but most of all, he has to come to grips with the fact that he has never truly been an Omega but a subdued Alpha all along.

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It makes me sad that ime didn't permit me to draw more for this. ladyamarra has such a beautiful way of writing and her world-building is excellent. Her Dean just makes me want to scoop him up and hug him tight.
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Art: "To Put Asunder" (SPN, Gen)

samdean_otp's Mini-Bang time!

Title: To Put Asunder
Author: mistyzeo
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Gen
Summary: A post-S3 AU. Having failed to keep the hounds for coming from Dean and hating himself for it, Sam turns to classic literature to find another way to bring his brother back. It takes a few precious weeks, but eventually he tracks down the entrance to the Underworld: a staircase in a backwater bar. Sam's descent into the land of Hades in pursuit of his brother's soul is about as easy as the legends suggest. That is, unidirectional. Still, Sam knows the track record of the souls allowed to return, and he's determined to use Dean's status as a hero to his advantage. But he has to convince the sullen Summer Queen that they are worth something as a pair, and then he has to trust Dean to follow him home.

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Click on the drawings to see them in full. You guys, this fic. It's wonderful and Winchester-y and it's an awesome combination of Greek mythology and Supernatural. I wish the show would do somethng like this. The first drawing is of Sam making his way down to the Underworld and the last is a hug between the brothers - possibly spoilery for the fic. But seriously, this fic. mistyzeo did such a great job in writing this. ♥
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Art: "In Eridu", illustration for spn_j2_bigbang

spn_j2_bigbang time!

Title: In Eridu
Author: takadainmate
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In Chicago, there are omens that point to something big. There's a heatwave that won't end, and the only clues Dean and Sam have to go on are a long history of people going missing from around Lake Michigan and Castiel's weird behaviour. There's something Castiel has forgotten and it's driving him mad.
Six thousand years earlier two other brothers fight to save their world from a slow, pitiless end by calling down the creature responsible. What they get is something they'd never expected, and the brothers come to think that maybe this being, who is powerful and righteous and calls itself Castiel, can save them all.

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Click on the smaller drawings underneath the title card to see it in full. I had such a great time drawing for this fic because it's such a great story - well-written, inventive, and on-point with the characterization. Seriously, I ♥ it. The first two are of Sam and Dean and the past versions of themselves. The third is of Castiel in the past. There's a scene in the story similar to when Castiel's first introduced in the series where his wings are seen as a shadow. I wanted to draw my own version of it and tie that to the story. The third is of a kiss that occurs near the end. :D

Go read the fic!
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the road (arts) so far

Had a lovely time with lauriegilbert at goodl ol' Starbucks yesterday. ♥ Coffee, friend, fandom talk = great way to relax after work.

My submission for hd_smoochfest has been sent. Posting for the fest begins June 1, 2011. I've drawn more so far this year than I did in 2009 and 2010 combined. I managed to scrape together a sad showing of 11 pieces of art in the past two years but have done 15 drawings since January 2011. I've also posted and commented a whole lot more so far than I did then. The quantity of art may not be much compared to the output of other artists, but I'm happy with it. :)

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There are 2 that I can't link to yet because they were done for fests, one for snape_potter's Snarry-A-Thon and the other for hd_smoochfest

Looking back, I think my disconnect stemmed from a combination of being busy with school and being stuck in a shitty job in an even shittier job environment. This job was so mentally and emotionally exhausting and between hating it and doing homework I just didn't want to have anything to do with everything and everyone. I was angry and snappy all the time and this must have dried up most of my desire to draw. I tried getting back into the swing of things a few times but I didn't how to catch up with the speed at which fandom rolled.

Then I got a new job, became happier exponentially, and life as a whole got brighter. Plus, it helped that I fell completely in love with The Big Bang Theory and I started itching to draw again. A drawing of Sheldon here, a picture of Sheldon/Penny there, and then bam, off I went. It was like suddenly I wanted to draw everything, so I signed up for some fests, a few fandom fundraisers, and several big bangs. Here's hoping that this, whatever it is, continues. :D

Speaking of big bangs, spn_j2_bigbang starts artist claiming on May 6, 2011. Good thing I will be at work and will have unlimited access to the internets. YESSS.
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spn art: winning, dean/ruby, pg

Title: But I'm Winning
Dean/Ruby (Supernatural)
Rating: PG, maybe a little NSFW
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Drawn for jacyevans for Write For Relief. She requested Dean/Ruby and her prompt was "Love is not a competition, but I'm winning". This is what came out of her prompt, but I don't think I interpreted it very well. :/ Let's pretend that Dean's a little into bloodplay and Ruby is still blonde. Personally I prefer Katie over Genevieve because Genevieve kinda weirds me out. She's cute, but she weirds me out. IDK.

The auctions at help_japan are closing soon! Bid or offer, do it before this weekend. My auction thread @ help_japan.
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mele kalikimaka is the thing to saaay...

That song is on loop in my head right now. :P Last day of work for 2010! The university's shut down for the holidays which means a whole lot of nothing for the next week. \O/ But I think I'll offset a bit of that nothing with a little work on my site. The last time it was updated was in 2008. Haha, whoops.

I sent the holiday cards out a little later than I had planned but the majority of them should be making their way to mailboxes very soon. The art that came with the cards are below!

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I've been marathoning Big Bang Theory and it's my new love. ♥♥♥ I kinda wanna draw Sheldon and read read read and roll around in BBT fic. PLZ REC FICS. Gen, slash, whatever, I will read it. :D

And my gift for deancas_xmas has been posted! Cherry Pie starring Jensen, Misha and dessert. Loves!
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hello friends!

I seem to have a habit of posting every 3-5 months... I lead a very dull and boring life, therefore I never feel like I have anything to say. However, I do have art today!

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It's been almost a year since I promised arts for money for the CIBC Run for the Cure in support of breast cancer research and a few are below:

For marryoh: Collapse )

For gabhriel: Collapse )
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SPN Big Bang art time!

The fic that I illustrated was Paint A Smile (Only I can See), a Jared/Jensen story by audeamus22. The author and I are in different time zones so I'll link the fic when it becomes available.

EDIT: Paint A Smile (Only I Can See) by Audeamus22

Summary: Jared's only had one person to lean on for nearly his whole life, his best friend Christian Kane. But when another man enters Jared's life things start to change. He starts to learn that not everyone is out to get him. Age not specified but Jared and Chris are their final year at high school, it’s Jensen’s first year as a doctor, Steve’s a bit older still.

Not being much of a reader/writer/reviewer, all I can say is that I really liked it. ♥ For the art, I drew two things from the story and I made a cover for it. My apologies for my not so top-notch graphic making skillz.

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The drawn art is a spoilery for the fic so I won't go into detail about them. You'll just have to read the story. :)

Credits → The photo of Jared is from http://jared-padalecki.net/, doctor!Jensen is my own creation and the random pictures of Steve, Chris, Jared & Jensen and the paint palette are from Google images.
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hp nostalgia and spn art

So I was standing in line at the grocery store today and I saw the new issue of Vanity Fair and it made me think of the the last time I bought a copy of it. It was years and years ago when it ran an article about CoS and it had pictures of Harry et al with Lucius and Draco in the background.

That got me thinking about the HP fandom way back when there was so much speculation about the books and the plot and where JKR would take the characters and everyone was so excited and full of energy and creativity and discussion. Then we would all count down the days to the next movie and the next book.

I miss that. :( I miss being excited about Harry Potter and being filled with so many ideas about what to draw and what to read. I don't really know what the fandom is like right now because I mostly lurk nowadays. As much as I'd like to get back into things, I just don't know how.

Supernatural, on the other hand, gives me that excitement. It reminds me of those early HP days. There's always something - a person, a scene, an idea - that I want to see drawn and written about and there's never a shortage on delicious fic, meta, vids and art. Oh Sam and Dean and your epic Wincest-love, never leave me.

Anyway, enough with that. On to the art!

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After After School Special, I wanted to draw Sam on one of his first hunts, all unsure and reluctant and unhappy because this is not what he wants to be doing. Sam and Dean look kinda stupid, but I'm happy with how the background turned out.

PEE ESS: andropotterist is having a Fic/Art Exchange! Please sign up!

OMG. It's 12:30 am and I can't sleep but I have to be up early for work tomorrow. O_O
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arts in 2008

Year in Review! I hope I got them... all my arts in 2008:

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I just realized that I hadn't posted some of these on my journal yet.

Random, but whenever I hear "[insert week/month/year/whatever here] in review" I always think of 102.1 The Edge's Week in Review from the Dean Blundell morning show. :D I love The Edge. Yeah, it's kinda crude and slightly mean and every second sentence is sex related, but it never fails to make me laugh in the morning. "I gots my hat and TWO oranges." Oh man, I can't remember the name of that guy that emailed them with that but they were on that for such a long time afterwards.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a Christmas card! :D