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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

one fic rec, two fanarts, and all the hollow crown feels

JFC. Some things that aren't meant to be read at work while waiting for a meeting to start. Case in point:

I've Been Everywhere by melonbutterfly (Loki/Tony, NC17, hot as all hell) | For the prompt: "I just want to see Loki topping the hell out of Tony and describing everything he wants to do to him. Making Tony beg before he actually fucks him."


Anyway. A few things I've drawn recently that I've yet to really post:

Title: Head Boy
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17, warnings for underage and (maybe) dub-con
Link: To the art! Also on tumblr!

Title: Centurion
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17, warnings dub-con
Link: To the art!

I've still got the following to do: Dean/Ruby thing, spn_j2_bigbang things, mcfassy Springest thing, bigbangbigbang thing, and answer comments.

I downloaded Henry V last night. OH MY GOD THE HOLLOW CROWN + TOM HIDDLESTON, NEW OTP. Actually, Tom Hiddleston + red velvet shirt = new otp.

Also, hello new friends! ♥
HP - H/D kiss mistletoe

hd_holidays reveals!

Reveals for hd_holidays are up! :D SEE IT HERE!

khasael wrote the most perfect fic, Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership, for me. She did a brilliant job capturing everything I like in H/D: snark and fighting and mystery and sweetness and working together for the greater good and happy endings. Seriously, it was perfect and I can't thank her enough. ♥ ♥ ♥

In case you missed the link:

Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership by khasael. Forced to work together on an important case within the Ministry, Harry and Draco find that if they're not letting their animosity get in the way, they might actually be brilliant together. For as long as the assignment lasts, at least.

I drew Behind Closed Doors for faithwood. :D It's NSFW.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

Art: "Say, what's in this drink?" [Harry, G]

Title: Say, what's in this drink?
Characters: Harry Potter
Rating: G

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I really can't say / Baby it's cold outside

Most have gotten my holiday cards already, so yay, I'm posting the art! :D The above is the Harry Potter insert. This really goes out to whitestar who suggested "Harry with his hand around a mug of hot coca" after I complained about not knowing what to draw. ♥ The green mug is a nod to Draco, lol. I wasn't sure if people would be ok with getting a slashy card so I jused gen-ed it up a bit.

The other inserts will be posted in the next few days. Hopefully I can stop watching First Class long enough to do so. Collapse )
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

Art Repost: "First Meeting" [H & D, G], "Stroke of Midnight" [H/D, PG]

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: hd_holidays and harryronholiday submissions are done and emailed to their respective mods.

DRAWINGS LEFT TO DRAW: A scene from mothermedusa20's BBBB apocafic Miles To Go (Before I Sleep), a Dean/Ruby scene from a fic excerpt, holiday card inserts, and my Saturnalia gift which I am so very excited about. :D :D :D

Speaking of holiday card inserts, I already know what I'm doing for TBBT and SPN, but I'm stuck on what to draw for HP! Help meeee. Still speaking of holiday cards, LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS HERE IF YOU WANT A CARD. :D :D :D

ART REPOST: It occured to me that I never reposted my contributions to hd_canon_fest and hd_fanart's Art Fest. I've linked to them but not posted them on my own journal.

Title: First Meeting
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Rating: G
Notes: This was drawn for hd_canon_fest

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Title: Stroke of Midnight
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Notes: This was drawn for hd_fanart's Art Fest, and the prompt was submitted by talekayler

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This journal entry was brought to you by CAPSLOCK and coffee.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears


Long update is long, but I'm not cutting because I haven't updated in over two weeks and this is an amalgamation of those lost two weeks.

ishie wrote the most awesome TBBT fic for my help_japan contribution: Method Man (Sheldon, Penny, Wil Wheaton). It's got a quote-spouting, name-dropping Wil Wheaton who's a little bit of an asshole, a career-driven and margarita-fueld Penny, and a Sheldon who's very Sheldon, even while drunk. GO READ IT.

⇒ I'm still working on art for hd_holidays, harryronholiday, an art trade with mothermedusa20, a Dean/Ruby commission and inserts for the holiday cards.

⇒ Speaking of holiday cards, LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS HERE if you would like to received a holiday card. :D I like sending out cards and you probably like getting stuff in the mail, so it's a win-win situation. Comments on the entry are screened for obvious privacy reasons.

⇒ Fest reveals! I drew First Meeting (Harry/Draco, G) for hd_canon_fest and Stroke of Midnight (Harry/Draco, PG) for hd_fanart's Art Fest. I have to respond to all the lovely comments. ♥

⇒ I've been trying to organize my tags and stuff at Pinboard. It's going good so far but I've been getting distracted by the fics that I've bookmarked. It's like I'm compelled to re-read all the fics I've tagged.

⇒ Art rec! Tangled In You by letoist. A J2 twist on on Tangled. The art is gorgeous. The glow from the hair and the black and purple backgrounds and the little lights floating about are so fantastic. But my most favourite part is the scrolling down and down and down to get to the bottom. It reinforces the length of the hair and the height of the tower. Amazing.

⇒ On the work front, I've been so swamped with stuff. We've got site meetings and investigator meetings and audits and random reports due every week or so until the end of January that we're all scramling to get everything done correctly and on time. But whatevs, I say bring it (snakes on a plane).

⇒ On Saturday I went to Dave & Busters and it's usually a great place for food and fun. But man, it sucked the big one that night. It took almost an hour for us to get a table, we waited another hour for the food to come and the serving staff got a lot of our orders wrong, my friend ordered a brownie sundae and it took them another hour to tell her that they were out of brownies. Just horrible.

⇒ Also over the weekend, I watched Captain America for the first time. I was into Tony Stark's dad; it was the 'stache. And not knowing anything about Captain America (I didn't Wiki it like I usually do to movies), the ending where he wakes up after being asleep for decades threw me for a loop. Poor Peggy. Now I want to read harry Steve/Peggy fic.

⇒ Knowing how much I love Shel Silverstein, my sister left this on my FB yesterday and it made me lol:

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HP - blockhead!Harry

Art: Regulus (G)

Title: R.A.B.
Characters: Regulus Black
Rating: G

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This was done as a (very late) pinch-hit for vividescent and hp_art_xchange. He turned out far more orange and gold than I intended, but I think it works out. :D Even though he was a Slytherin, giving Voldemort the old switcheroo with the locket was a very brave and Gryffindor thing to do. So, the colour scheme is fine.
HP - H/D kiss purple

Art: Lick (Harry/Draco, G)

This is very late, but thank you to everyone who gave me a chocolate head a few weeks ago: whitestar, naadi, dark0feenix, nimielle, faire_weather, gestaltrose, alaana_fair, skriftlig, kjp_013, besamislabios, rickey_a, talekayler, ariannagray, kitty_fic, and you, anon!

talekayler said in her vgift message that chocolate is inspiring. It truly is! So this is for you my lovelies:

Title: Lick
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: G

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Draco was originally supposed to be licking chocolate off of Harry's cheek but it looked so weird that I had to scrap it.

I'll be doing a Wednesday Walkthrough at fanartivation this Wednesday and I've used this above piece of fanart. Stay tuned for it! :D