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Art for "Inside Fighter" | drawn for marvel_bang

Title: Inside Fighter
Authors: undrscoredom2nd and vassalady
Arist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Loki/Steve Rogers
Summary: “I do believe I should start reevaluating you, Rogers.”

“Call me Steve,” Steve says. “Now, are you gonna teach me how to throw a punch or are we gonna have small talk all day?” This only widens Loki’s smile, although it is now less sardonic.

“I do believe I can understand why you often get into fights.” Steve bristles at this, throwing off his cap and then his coat, revealing that his shirtsleeves have already been folded until his elbows. He casts them both aside and stands in the center of the lot, beckoning him with a cock of his eyebrow.

“C’mon. Don’t go easy on me.”

Art now on tumblr!

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Click on any of the above images to view a larger verson. This was drawn as a pinch-hit for marvel_bang and I am so glad for it. This fic was so sweet and I can't gush about it without giving much away so I guess you'll just have to read it. :D
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Art for "We Are The Heavy Clouds" | marvel_bang

Title: We Are The Heavy Clouds @ AO3
Author: kiyala
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: Loki Laufeyson is a fashion designer who dreams of making it big. He's also one of those hipsters that you hate—the ones who loudly claim to hate mainstream bands while secretly loving them. Loki's favourite band The Thunder—led by Thor Odinson, love of Loki's life—go mainstream. Loki struggles to balance his genuine liking for Thor and the band with the fact that he feels like just another dumb fan.

Instead, Loki spends most of his time working on his clothes designs and drinking with his best friend and favourite model, Amora. But when Loki finally makes it big and begins to design clothes for none other than billionaire playboy Tony Stark, his dreams seem like they're coming true. Little does he know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Now on tumblr!

Click on any of the above images to view a larger version. This was done for marvel_bang and for kiyala's fantastic fic. I love me some AU Thor/Loki and this one is just perfect. Thor is a dreamy rock star and Loki does what he wants.
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just stuff

real life things

The friend's bachelorette weekend came and went two weekends ago (I'm just a lazy face lurker who doesn't post). We left very early Friday morning, got to Montreal around 1:00 pm, checked in and promptly crashed in the hotel room. Good things that happened: poutine, lots of drinking, poutine, shopping, clubs (of the regular dancing and strip variety), wandering the streets of Montreal at 3:00 in the morning, and even more poutine. Bad things that happened: poutine, getting sick from the weather, cat fights in the hotel room, and the 9.5 hour drive back to Toronto.

I don't think I have eaten that much fries + cheese+ gravy in my life. Ugh.

Pinterest in a little crazy. I see all sorts of pretty things that I like and want to repin but for some reason I don't and then I find myself drifting to tumblr to reblog pictures of Tom Hiddleston.

work things

I'm kinda falling out of love with my job. Not the job per se (I love the field I'm in and there's so much potential in it) but the actual work place. It's so dull and staid and quiet and boring. Lately I've been wanting to claw my face off because it's so quiet. I'm not interested in our projects any more and it's starting to show and I hate that it's starting to show because I've never been less than 110% on the job. :( I've started looking around for new jobs, but not in any real earnest in the off chance that I fall out of the funk I'm in and start loving my job again.

fandom things

I've been reading a lot of Suits and Tony/Loki fics lately. :D But! I've missed both new episodes of Supernatural so far. This makes me weep.

Have submitted my hd_fanart Art Fest. I really loved the prompt and it was glorious to go back to drawing pretty boys in pretty things. There are quite a few other fanarts that I really have to get a move on in drawing.

I also need to get a move on my hd_holidays thing. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me come up with something? I seem to be at a loss on what to draw for my recipient.
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Art: Illustration for "Busy Being Born"

(A little late, but) spn_j2_bigbang time!

Title: Busy Being Born
Author: ladyamarra
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Story Warnings: (Graphic): Sex, Depression, self-destructive behavior, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, Submission/Dominance dynamics, gender-issues, language, forced social-isolation, frottage. (non-Graphic): Past suicide attempts, self-destructive behavior, sexual-slavery, violence, (non-sexual) child-abuse, sexual harassment, sexual/gender discrimination, forced social-isolation, voluntary social-isolation, knotting, violence, mental disability
Summary: In 2210, most of the known Galaxy is part of Colonial territory. Society has advanced far beyond its keenest dreams, but male Omegas are still treated as basically worthless and hidden away by their families. For the longest time, Dean Winchester thinks he is just that: a useless Omega whose only purpose in life is to keep his uncle Bobby’s junk-freighter working while his father tries to find the raiders responsible for Mary’s death. But anything changes after Dean, desperate and unhappy with his existence, tries unsuccessfully to kill himself – suddenly he has to face a new world far away from his father and uncle, a new group of people who want only the best for him, but most of all, he has to come to grips with the fact that he has never truly been an Omega but a subdued Alpha all along.

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It makes me sad that ime didn't permit me to draw more for this. ladyamarra has such a beautiful way of writing and her world-building is excellent. Her Dean just makes me want to scoop him up and hug him tight.
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one fic rec, two fanarts, and all the hollow crown feels

JFC. Some things that aren't meant to be read at work while waiting for a meeting to start. Case in point:

I've Been Everywhere by melonbutterfly (Loki/Tony, NC17, hot as all hell) | For the prompt: "I just want to see Loki topping the hell out of Tony and describing everything he wants to do to him. Making Tony beg before he actually fucks him."


Anyway. A few things I've drawn recently that I've yet to really post:

Title: Head Boy
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17, warnings for underage and (maybe) dub-con
Link: To the art! Also on tumblr!

Title: Centurion
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17, warnings dub-con
Link: To the art!

I've still got the following to do: Dean/Ruby thing, spn_j2_bigbang things, mcfassy Springest thing, bigbangbigbang thing, and answer comments.

I downloaded Henry V last night. OH MY GOD THE HOLLOW CROWN + TOM HIDDLESTON, NEW OTP. Actually, Tom Hiddleston + red velvet shirt = new otp.

Also, hello new friends! ♥
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xmenreversebang 2012 art master post

For the X-Men Reverse Bang.
Story by ohmydarlingdearWould You Really Rush Out For Me Now? | Bodyguard AU. When Charles begins to receive anonymous death threats, Raven takes it upon herself to hire him a bodyguard. She hires Erik.

You guys, the fic is all kinds of awesome and must be read. ♥ I wanted to draw so much more for this but my plans got derailed by work things. It kind of sucks that I didn't realize until just a few minutes ago that I failed to represent Erik other than his hand and that the rest of the pictures are a bit dark. Oh well.

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Now on tumblr!
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all the feels

I am consumed by FEELS., burdened by so many Thor/Loki and Charles/Erik feels. Tumblr is feeding my growing feels with pretty, pretty graphics and gifs and fanart and it's making me want to draw and draw and draw. However, I am not going to until I finish the following arts: Dean/Ruby thing that's has been pending for ages, mcfassy Bruce/Brandon art, and spn_j2_bigbang art.

In case you weren't aware, hd_smoochfest has started posting! I haven't had the time to read any of the fics yet but everything looks good so far. hp_fanart_fest is aslo still in its prompt claiming stage!

AO3 keeps going down and it's putting a real damper on my fic reading ability.

Also, Tom Hiddleston's face and general perfectness is extremely distracting:

In real life things: my friend (the one who partly caused by mini freak-out over marriage last week) asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. She's having a full out Indian wedding and she's promised me henna, saris, Bollywood songs and delicious food. I am terribly excited! :D I've never been to an Indian wedding before but I hear they're pretty epic.
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update on art theft

Thank you guys for the support in my last post about the art theft. ♥ ♥ ♥ I reported her to dA and while waiting for a response from them, I took naadi's suggestion and PM'd allanaire last night. This morning, all the art was taken down.

I'm still going to report it on stop_plagiarism because people should be aware. I've got my caps all ready and I just have to write up the report.

But yeah, I'm relieved that she took down the art.

On a much brighter note, AVENGERSSSSSS. I just got home from watching it and I'm so full of Loki and Thor/Loki love. ♥____♥ Maybe tumblr persuaded me, maybe I ship them now because I see so much Thor/Loki all over the place that when the mountain scene was taking place my inner fangirl was screaming. And because of tumblr, "Loki'd" kept popping up in my head every time he was on screen.
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art theft of the most grievous nature

Thanks to themostepotente for the heads-up.

So, allanaire, are you me? Because that's my art that you're posting and claiming as your own. This Ginny piece and this H/D piece and this Snarry piece? MY ART. Actually, your entire gallery is mine.

This person's taken some of my older art and gone out of their way to crop it so my name is gone or paint over the area with my name on it so she can put her name on the art. WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I am so angry right now. So fucking angry and affronted and sad because why would someone do this?! What makes a person take someone else's hard work and try and pass it off as their own? It's not like I'm that good or anything, so why me?!

Aside from the odd time where one or two of my arts have been used and posted without permission, I've never actually had my art stolen and passed off as someone else's. What do I do? Does DeviantArt have a reporting process or something? Should I contact allanaire and call her out?


D: D: D: