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fic rec, dogs, and helloooo

Good morning, everyone. Have a sad fic to start your day off:

Stand Down by turtletotem (X-Men, Charles/Erik, character death)
At the end of their lives, Charles has to convince Erik that it's okay to stop fighting.

I'm sitting at work trying not to be ;____________; all over the place. But my sister happened to send me a picture of the dogs so it's okay:

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Anyway, it's been a while. How are things, flist? Tell me what you've been up to. *chin hands*

As for me, I'm still struggling to get over this stupid art block that I've been having where everything I try to draw turns out looking dumb and not at all what I imagined it to be. It's really quite frustrating because my xmenreversebang is due in 2 days and I can't even draw a straight line. It doesn't help that I haven't yet made up my mind about what to draw. :|

Also, eagle_bigbang has started posting! \o/
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on dogs, almost stalking, projects, and christmas cards

I swear, I'm going to end up being the crazy dog lady on your street. But look at how cute they are! :D :D :D I would buy them more clothes and outfits and whatnot if I knew they weren't going to eat them or shred them to bits. The gray one got an orange wizard coat for Halloween last year but she had the buttons off and the lining shredded within hours. I was like WTF DOG NOW YOU CAN'T GO TO DOGWARTS.

Re: flailing over hot Classics grad student turned post-doc has calmed somewhat. But that doesn't mean I don't casually stroll past his building before and after work as I make my way to and from the parking lot. It's on my usual route through the campus, okay! Not only am I going to end up the crazy dog lady on your street, but I'm also really a twelve year old at heart. Before I know it I'm going to start drawing little hearts on my notebooks with our initials or something.

On a more fandom-y note, I think I might be drowning in fanart. Upcoming projects in September alone: samdean_otp's Mini Bang, two bigbangbigbang things, hd_fanart's Art Fest, and hd_canon_fest. But good news, my hd_bigbang submissions are done!

How early is too early to start a Christmas card poll? :|
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help me make a gif! dog with an ice cube!

Hey flist, how do you make gifs?

Lol, vague questions is vague. More specifically, what programs do you use to download videos (i.e. from YouTube), screencap images, etc? I have PS CS5 and I can import layers from videos so that's okay. I've heard that YouTube Downloader is good but I downloaded the program and it gave me a virus so, no more of that. How are those uploader and file converter websites? Are they any good? Can you point me to any helpful tutorials?

I'd like to start learning how to make my own gifs. :D

And I can't resist, this is a picture of one of my dogs guarding ice cubes that she's hoarded. Sorry for the crappy quality:

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:D :D :D
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pet photos!

Recently I've been seeing pet pictures cropping up on my flist and I wanted to get in on the action. I've got 2 dogs - a 5 year old Shih Poo named Chinky (don't ask, and I'm Asian, so) and a 1 and half year old Shih Tzu named Hopia. They also go by Stinks or Hoppers, or My Buddies (totally lame, but whatever).

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The wooden chest that they're lying on in that first picture is pushed up against a window facing the street. It's their spot and it's where they catch some sun, bark at other dogs, and generally hang out. When they're not looking out the window, they're usually curled up sleeping in their beds or on the couch. They do this thing where they run around the house like mad beasts and crash into the legs of tables and cabinets and doorjambs; it sounds and feels like a stampede when they do. But it's really cute because when they stop they fall into a heap and fall asleep wherever they feel like. Stinks is the Skinny Buddy because she's so lean, muscular and weighs only 11 pounds. Hoppers is the Fat Buddy because, well, she's pretty thick. She weighs 18 pounds and has these short little legs that give her a funny gait. Even though she outweights Stinky she still gets her beat up when they play fight because she's too slow. Haha, oh my dogs! ♥_♥