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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

drive-by rec and glompfest

Everything About It Is A Long Song by pocky_slash

Erik's spent fifty years being a figurehead and he's ready to leave that behind. Luckily, so is Charles.

(aka Old Retired Dudes in Love)

THIS. This. This is what I always imagine Charles and Erik to have/be years into the future. There are challenges but it's them and they're finally together and they're trying and they're happy and still so much in love with each other. I love these two.

Also, serpentinelion's GLOMPFEST. It's that time of year again. :D Leave your prompt here! The prompt post will close April 12th so get yours in while you still can.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

spn_j2_bigbang sign-ups!

Just signed up for spn_j2_bigbang! it looks like it's going be huge again this year. The artist sign-up post is already 4 pages long and the author sign-up post is on its 10th page. O_O If you haven't signed up yet, the author sign-ups are here and the artist sign-ups are here.

I can't remember whose journal I saw it on, but apparently hd_bigbang won't be around this year? Can somone confirm or deny? I didn't see anything posted at the comm.

Guys, I ship Charles/Erik so hard. SO. HARD. All I want to do (and all I've been doing, really) is reading ALL the fic because I am filled with SUCH FEELINGS that sometimes I can't function properly. I'll be sitting at my desk or on the couch and reading fic and grinning to myself or making sad intense faces at my screen like a big giant loser. And when I'm not reading I'm watching McFassy interviews and listening to Michael Fassbender laugh. Lol, What a sad little life I've created for myself. I need to find "a friend", as my mom puts it.