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Art for "Inside Fighter" | drawn for marvel_bang

Title: Inside Fighter
Authors: undrscoredom2nd and vassalady
Arist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Loki/Steve Rogers
Summary: “I do believe I should start reevaluating you, Rogers.”

“Call me Steve,” Steve says. “Now, are you gonna teach me how to throw a punch or are we gonna have small talk all day?” This only widens Loki’s smile, although it is now less sardonic.

“I do believe I can understand why you often get into fights.” Steve bristles at this, throwing off his cap and then his coat, revealing that his shirtsleeves have already been folded until his elbows. He casts them both aside and stands in the center of the lot, beckoning him with a cock of his eyebrow.

“C’mon. Don’t go easy on me.”

Art now on tumblr!

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Click on any of the above images to view a larger verson. This was drawn as a pinch-hit for marvel_bang and I am so glad for it. This fic was so sweet and I can't gush about it without giving much away so I guess you'll just have to read it. :D
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Art for "We Are The Heavy Clouds" | marvel_bang

Title: We Are The Heavy Clouds @ AO3
Author: kiyala
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: Loki Laufeyson is a fashion designer who dreams of making it big. He's also one of those hipsters that you hate—the ones who loudly claim to hate mainstream bands while secretly loving them. Loki's favourite band The Thunder—led by Thor Odinson, love of Loki's life—go mainstream. Loki struggles to balance his genuine liking for Thor and the band with the fact that he feels like just another dumb fan.

Instead, Loki spends most of his time working on his clothes designs and drinking with his best friend and favourite model, Amora. But when Loki finally makes it big and begins to design clothes for none other than billionaire playboy Tony Stark, his dreams seem like they're coming true. Little does he know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Now on tumblr!

Click on any of the above images to view a larger version. This was done for marvel_bang and for kiyala's fantastic fic. I love me some AU Thor/Loki and this one is just perfect. Thor is a dreamy rock star and Loki does what he wants.
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i can't even with some fics

When I read a fic by a new author I come across I like to look through all their fics for more reading material. This usually leads to good reads and new pairings and overall awesomeness.

Case in point. I read this:
Cryptonomican In Practical Application (In Pursuit of a Decreased Variable 'S') by cerebel (Tony/Loki)
In which Tony is a codebreaker, and Loki interrupts his perfected routine by having the gall to be a Nazi defector.

Which led to this:
You Feed Me Fables From Your Hand by cerebel (Clint/Loki)
Three years ago, the twilight of the Gods: Clint Barton watched as Asgard descended into chaos, unimaginable monsters against unimaginable power, death and destruction to a degree he never thought possible. Three years ago, he saw Thor wade into the fray and fight his way to his brother, Loki. Three years ago, he ran, fleeing with the rest of the Avengers, as the gods dissolved into memory and dust.

Today, he sees Loki again.

And then somehow finally to this:
Corruption and Creme Brulee by amanuensis1 (Clint/Loki)
Loki finds that Agent Barton is peerless. In all things. For a mortal. Which is unforgivable.

Okay, I've been reading amanuensis1's stuff for years now and her fics still make me ASLDJFHDSKAFLDK all over the place. While the first Clint/Loki fic is more along the redemption and fix-it lines (which I love love love), the second just made my brain short-circuit with its delicious mind-control, dub/non-con porny goodness. And the ending. The ending.

On another Avengers-related noted, I got my first pick for marvel_bang and the author (idk, can I mention who before claims end?) has already emailed me plot outline. It is GLORIOUS and cute and I can't wait to read the entire thing.

I need an appropriate fangirling icon.
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Art: Illustration for "Busy Being Born"

(A little late, but) spn_j2_bigbang time!

Title: Busy Being Born
Author: ladyamarra
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Story Warnings: (Graphic): Sex, Depression, self-destructive behavior, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, Submission/Dominance dynamics, gender-issues, language, forced social-isolation, frottage. (non-Graphic): Past suicide attempts, self-destructive behavior, sexual-slavery, violence, (non-sexual) child-abuse, sexual harassment, sexual/gender discrimination, forced social-isolation, voluntary social-isolation, knotting, violence, mental disability
Summary: In 2210, most of the known Galaxy is part of Colonial territory. Society has advanced far beyond its keenest dreams, but male Omegas are still treated as basically worthless and hidden away by their families. For the longest time, Dean Winchester thinks he is just that: a useless Omega whose only purpose in life is to keep his uncle Bobby’s junk-freighter working while his father tries to find the raiders responsible for Mary’s death. But anything changes after Dean, desperate and unhappy with his existence, tries unsuccessfully to kill himself – suddenly he has to face a new world far away from his father and uncle, a new group of people who want only the best for him, but most of all, he has to come to grips with the fact that he has never truly been an Omega but a subdued Alpha all along.

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It makes me sad that ime didn't permit me to draw more for this. ladyamarra has such a beautiful way of writing and her world-building is excellent. Her Dean just makes me want to scoop him up and hug him tight.
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big bang things

Haha, I'm days late but spn_j2_bigbang author/artist reveals are up!

I picked ladyamarra's Sam/Dean fic:

Title: Busy Being Born
Summary: In 2210, most of the known Galaxy is part of Colonial territory. Society has advanced far beyond its keenest dreams, but male Omegas are still treated as basically worthless and hidden away by their families. For the longest time, Dean Winchester thinks he is just that: a useless Omega whose only purpose in life is to keep his uncle’s junk-freighter working while his father tries to find the raiders responsible for his mother’s death, but after a failed suicide attempt, anything changes. His true nature is discovered, and for the first time in his life, he has to make his own decisions, find his own way, and maybe even love. (AU: Sam and Dean are not brothers)

It's got space and alphas/omegas and Sam and Dean. What more can a girl ask for?

hd_fanart has started accepting prompts for their Boys of Summer fest. Prompting will run until May 26th. :D

My cousin made me watch Cowboys and Aliens. I thought I was going to like it because it had Harrison Ford in it. Wrong. It's a terrible movie and I wasted two hours of my life watching it. I could have been doing something semi-productive.
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zumba and draw something

I bought Zumba Exhilirate yesterday and tried it out last night. There are two things I learned from last night's foray into the world of Zumba: 1) yay, I'm not as terribly out of shape as I thought, and 2) I am ungraceful and distressingly uncoordinated. Really. I was flailing my arms around and trying to salsa or merengue or cumbia or whatever type of dance with my hips and it was not pretty. But whatever, I had fun. :D

It looks like some awesome fic and art have come out of eagle_bigbang so far. Time hasn't really permitted me to read as many as i would have liked but I've enjoyed what I have read to date. I really like madnessisreal's art for 'You and I Collide' and motetus's art for 'If the Darkness Lasts'

If anyone has Draw Something ( or 'Art With Friends' as I like to call it), add me! I am ginaraf. :D
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AO3, fic rec, and spn_j2_bigbang!

Guys, I think I'm doing AO3 wrong. I mean, I've bookmarked almost all the fics I've read so far and is there a maximum amount of bookmarks one can have? Because at this rate, I'm going to be bookaming ALL the Charles/Erik fics. Also, how do you link to an AO3 user like you would an LJ user and does anyone actually use it to post fanart or is AO3 only a fic thing?

Last night I read An Ideal Grace by nekosmuse and afrocurl and ASLDJFDLKJLK. It's a modern-day AU that features Charles as a Genetics professor and Erik as an English Lit professor. Charles' students drop out of his class because the time conflicts with the hot visiting professor's poetry class. Curious, Charles sits in on one of Erik's lectures and finds that he doesn't blame his students for abandoning him at all. Cue the confusion and misunderstanding as Erik mistakes Charles for one of his students.

This fic was funny and warm and the characters were engaging and it was just so so so good. And the important question is: ARE THERE MANY MORE FICS LIKE THIS?!

Take note! Writer and artist sign-ups for spn_j2_bigbang happens January 5th. :D :D :D

Also, I had a wrap for lunch and it had a ridiculous amount of onions which I picked out and now my hands smell like onions regardless of how many times I wash them. Grossss.
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Art: "Water in a Burning World" [Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory]

Title: Water in a Burning World
Characters: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Rating: G

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This was drawn for mothermedusa20's Big Bang Big Bang fic Miles To Go (Before I Sleep), which you should read right now. RIGHT NOW. It's got Penny and Sheldon trying to find each other in a post-apocalyptic America. I love me a good apocalypse fic. Yes, I do.

Fic Summary: Sheldon prepares for everything- zombies, restaurant closures, and power outages. He also plans for the apocalypse by packing survival kits for each of his friends, including a certain neighbor across the hall. When the unthinkable finally happens, Penny is separated from those who can help her most until she finds a series of letters from Sheldon in the compartments of her bag. Slowly, she realizes her genius neighbor knows more than he’s ever been given credit for and that there is more to their relationship than she ever thought possible.

I really like how Sheldon's hand, Penny's blanket, and the lighting all turned out. :D :D :D
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Art: "Get Rid Of Me If You Try" (TBBT, Sheldon/Penny)

Time for bigbangbigbang!

Title: Get Rid Of Me If You Try
Author: ishie
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Summary: Penny Wade's life is pretty much in free-fall. She got fired from what was supposed to be her big break -- after two whole days. Caught her husband in bed with her agent. Had to slink back to waitressing full-time so she doesn't lose her house. Now she's basically been kidnapped by a crazy man with a box, but not the cool TV-show kind of crazy man with a box. This crazy man has a box that doesn't even work and somehow still draws the bad guys like bees to a picnic. If she makes it through the week without killing someone (or getting killed), it will be a miracle.

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Art: "Here There Be Dragons" (TBBT, Sheldon/Penny)

bigbangbigbang time! :D :D :D

Title: Here There Be Dragons
Author: trippy41
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Summary: The Doctor and Rose end up taking the wrong type of vacation. Instead of fun in the sun, they cross paths with a certain physicist and his blonde friend who are trapped in a state of inertia unique to them. However, there’s a twist: Sheldon becomes the Doctor’s companion, and Rose stays behind to form a friendship with Penny. They come to realize that they cannot replace one another in time, or space.

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Click on any of the images to view a larger version. This was done for bigbangbigbang and for trippy41's story Here There Be Dragons. If you're a fan of Dr. Who AND The Big Bang Theory, then this fic is for you. :D

ETA: The story link is now available! Go read it! It's an amazing fic and totally deserves to be appreciated. ♥