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Art for "Inside Fighter" | drawn for marvel_bang

Title: Inside Fighter
Authors: undrscoredom2nd and vassalady
Arist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Loki/Steve Rogers
Summary: “I do believe I should start reevaluating you, Rogers.”

“Call me Steve,” Steve says. “Now, are you gonna teach me how to throw a punch or are we gonna have small talk all day?” This only widens Loki’s smile, although it is now less sardonic.

“I do believe I can understand why you often get into fights.” Steve bristles at this, throwing off his cap and then his coat, revealing that his shirtsleeves have already been folded until his elbows. He casts them both aside and stands in the center of the lot, beckoning him with a cock of his eyebrow.

“C’mon. Don’t go easy on me.”

Art now on tumblr!

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Click on any of the above images to view a larger verson. This was drawn as a pinch-hit for marvel_bang and I am so glad for it. This fic was so sweet and I can't gush about it without giving much away so I guess you'll just have to read it. :D
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Art for "We Are The Heavy Clouds" | marvel_bang

Title: We Are The Heavy Clouds @ AO3
Author: kiyala
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: Loki Laufeyson is a fashion designer who dreams of making it big. He's also one of those hipsters that you hate—the ones who loudly claim to hate mainstream bands while secretly loving them. Loki's favourite band The Thunder—led by Thor Odinson, love of Loki's life—go mainstream. Loki struggles to balance his genuine liking for Thor and the band with the fact that he feels like just another dumb fan.

Instead, Loki spends most of his time working on his clothes designs and drinking with his best friend and favourite model, Amora. But when Loki finally makes it big and begins to design clothes for none other than billionaire playboy Tony Stark, his dreams seem like they're coming true. Little does he know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Now on tumblr!

Click on any of the above images to view a larger version. This was done for marvel_bang and for kiyala's fantastic fic. I love me some AU Thor/Loki and this one is just perfect. Thor is a dreamy rock star and Loki does what he wants.
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everything is the avengers gag reel and nothing hurts

Hello, hello! ♥

I haven't really been on LJ much, just popping in every now and then to skim through the ol' flist and drop a comment here and there. I think that's what I'll be doing later this evening, sitting my ass down and actually reading through the entries.

It's really been tumblr and AO3 for me lately. Everything is the Avengers gag reel and deleted scenes and nothing hurts. GAG REEEEEL OMG. Also, the Steve deleted scene broke my heart. Come Steven, let me love you.

I seem to have developed a thing for Steve/Loki. :D :D :D I've generally been a one-to-two pairings per fandom type of girl but with the Avengers, I seem to ship everyone with everyone. There are some favourites (Thor/Loki, Steve/Tony, Tony/Loki, and Steve/Loki) but I'll read just about anything with everyone in all sorts of combinations. Except for Jane. I don't know why, her character irritates the shit out of me.

Anyway, peace out friends.

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on avengers feels, thor/loki fic recs, and the insanity workout

  • The Avengers gave me all the feels. ALL THE FEELS.


  • I was rewatching Thor the other day and instanty thought "arrange marriage fic" when Loki was being all angst-filled after Odin told him that he basically took baby Loki in the hopes that peace would come between their worlds. Does such a fic exist? Please, friends, tell me there is. if not, there really, really needs to be a Thor/Lokie arrange marriage fic.

  • I need to start drawing again. It's been so long since I actually drew something proper.

  • The art thief has been banned from deviantArt.

  • Has anyone tried the Insanity workout? Does it work and is it do-able?