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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

no canning here

Fuck yeah! DONE LIKE DINNER: hd_holidays art completed and submitted, hd_fanart art completed and submitted, marvel_bang art completed and submitted (but we're allowed extra between now and the posting date).

Had lunch yesterday with lauriegilbert, furiosity, dbassassin, and a few others for lauriegilbert's birthday. It's guaranteed good times when fandomers get together. :D I learned two things yesterday:

  1. Cards Against Humanity is the bestest game ever. EVER. I haven't laughed that hard since forever. Seriously.

  2. I am always unable to can. See below.


Also, if you're somehow affected by Hurricane Sandy, please be safe.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

everything is the avengers gag reel and nothing hurts

Hello, hello! ♥

I haven't really been on LJ much, just popping in every now and then to skim through the ol' flist and drop a comment here and there. I think that's what I'll be doing later this evening, sitting my ass down and actually reading through the entries.

It's really been tumblr and AO3 for me lately. Everything is the Avengers gag reel and deleted scenes and nothing hurts. GAG REEEEEL OMG. Also, the Steve deleted scene broke my heart. Come Steven, let me love you.

I seem to have developed a thing for Steve/Loki. :D :D :D I've generally been a one-to-two pairings per fandom type of girl but with the Avengers, I seem to ship everyone with everyone. There are some favourites (Thor/Loki, Steve/Tony, Tony/Loki, and Steve/Loki) but I'll read just about anything with everyone in all sorts of combinations. Except for Jane. I don't know why, her character irritates the shit out of me.

Anyway, peace out friends.

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