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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

finally, it is finished

So the uncooperative booger of a paper that I've been trying to finish for the past two weeks is done. YAY! Now I can go about the business of wasting time on lj reading my flist, J2 porn and looking at fabulous art.

Speaking of fabulous art, have you seen this by bartholdy? It's the Bathilda Bagshot house scene from DH. It is very awesome.

Second Quarter sign-ups are happening RIGHT NOW at hp_art_xchange. GO.

It is almost April 24. O_O NEW EPISODE OF SPN, LIKE WOT.
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

It's a few hours early, but now is the only chance I'll get to say it because I won't have internet access until after the new year. So yay, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year! Eat lots of yummy food (mmmm, turkey) and open lots of presents!

Thank you for all the lovely cards that I've gotten! Alix, I love the glitter in the card, now my car is full of glitter because I opened it in the car for I was too excited to wait until I got inside my house. :D F, I'll take you up on that offer for coffee! I didn't know we were in the same city!

I still owe cards and packages to a few people: orionnoire, yours is coming soon and I'm really sorry I didn't send it out in time; eliminate, I wanted to send you something, so I'm holding on to your card until I finish it; whisperelmwood, gah, there's no excuse for the lateness of you package because it's all addressed and everything; kungfooqueen, I am still amassing your Japanese snack package.

Yay for Christmas! Happy Holidays, fandom! I love you! Thanks for another year of fabulous fic and gorgeous artwork. OH! And, don't forget, SIGN-UPS FOR hp_art_xchange's FIRST QUARTER ENDS THIS SUNDAY, so don't forget to sign up if you want to partake in all the artsy goodness.

I think I've used up my exclamation mark quota for today. :P I'm just so excited! And more than a little tipsy. :D :D :D

ETA: OMG. My hd_holidays fic: The Reckoning. So beautiful and dream-like. OMG. <333333
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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears



*chokes from laughter*

THIS is a must-read.

It's called The Pandora Complex by Nimori. I don't know if it's a new fic or if it's an old fic that's well-known to everyone except me. But it's damn, damn funny.

Snape/Harry. The basic plotline is that Snape discovers fanfiction. Slash fanfiction. Snape/Harry slash fanfiction. He goes online to read more and first, he's appalled by it. Then he gets hooked. He starts writing his own fanfics, posting on yahoo!groups and by damn, he has hs own livejournal and a screenname.

He has his own livejournal. His email address is: therealsevvie@hotmail.com. He has a sig line.


Seriously, I could not stop laughing throughout this fic. The characterizations are great. Snape is believable but humorous. The dialogue is fantastically funny. I really suck at reviewing, so let me sum everything up in four words: This fic is awesome.

<33333333s to the hardcore.

[/inane rambling]

The verbal leakage above was brought to you by Hibiscus on crack after spending too many hours cooped up in her room studying for her test.