Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

art feeeeest

hd_fanart's Art Fest reveals are up!

Title: One Night Only
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13, warnings for cross-dressing
Link: To the art at the comm! Also on tumblr!

The above was based on a prompt by mayfly_78 and I was unable to resist the combination of Draco + burlesque + peacock feathers!

My prompt was picked up and drawn ohso beautifully by amethystlunaAwaiting Ragnarok. It's so soft and quiet and pretty. I really like the composition of it, how Harry and Draco are wrapped around one another and off to the side and we can see a bit of the background with the stone arch and the bed behind them. The texture is nice, too. ♥____♥

Oh I love art fests because it gives me so many new artists to fangirl over! :D :D :D

On a slightly different note, my holiday cards may be a little late in going out this year. Work's been busy and I've also been distracted by trying to find a new job and then getting a new job that I haven't really had much time. But they will get mailed! Leave your name and address here if you'd like a card!

Also, what's with the new posting thing, LJ?
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