Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

art theft of the most grievous nature

Thanks to themostepotente for the heads-up.

So, allanaire, are you me? Because that's my art that you're posting and claiming as your own. This Ginny piece and this H/D piece and this Snarry piece? MY ART. Actually, your entire gallery is mine.

This person's taken some of my older art and gone out of their way to crop it so my name is gone or paint over the area with my name on it so she can put her name on the art. WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I am so angry right now. So fucking angry and affronted and sad because why would someone do this?! What makes a person take someone else's hard work and try and pass it off as their own? It's not like I'm that good or anything, so why me?!

Aside from the odd time where one or two of my arts have been used and posted without permission, I've never actually had my art stolen and passed off as someone else's. What do I do? Does DeviantArt have a reporting process or something? Should I contact allanaire and call her out?


D: D: D:
Tags: art theft, fanart, what is happening right now?!, wtf-ery
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