Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

hd_holidays reveals!

Reveals for hd_holidays are up! :D SEE IT HERE!

khasael wrote the most perfect fic, Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership, for me. She did a brilliant job capturing everything I like in H/D: snark and fighting and mystery and sweetness and working together for the greater good and happy endings. Seriously, it was perfect and I can't thank her enough. ♥ ♥ ♥

In case you missed the link:

Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership by khasael. Forced to work together on an important case within the Ministry, Harry and Draco find that if they're not letting their animosity get in the way, they might actually be brilliant together. For as long as the assignment lasts, at least.

I drew Behind Closed Doors for faithwood. :D It's NSFW.
Tags: fanart, fanart: hp, fest stuff, pairing: harry/draco, recs: fic, recs: hp
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