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because you're there by damalur (Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory) Penny wants to climb Mount Everest. Sheldon wants to rewrite physics. They move to New York. The next few parts can't come soon enough.

Same As It Ever Was (Same As It Ever Was) by fujiidom (Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory) Sheldon wakes up in a reality that's his, but not really. Again, the next parts can't come soon enough.

Sorely Missed by Anonymous for hd_fanart's Art Fest (Harry/Draco, G) YOU GUYS, THIS ART IS GORGEOUS. And I'm not just saying that because it's my prompt. The artist captured the feeling of being underwater so well. Harry's expression just kills me. KILLS ME. It's a wonderful mix of love and relief and concern and anger over Draco being put in danger. OH BOYS.

It All Begins by Anonymous for hd_fanart's Art Fest (Harry Draco, G) It all begins, indeed. This multi-panel piece of awesomeness is clean and soft and the artist manages to capture so much emotion with just a few exchanged glances. I am SO envious of the artist's skill with lines. Actually, I'm envious of any artist who can convey feeling and meaning with a couple of sweeping lines and simple shading.

Sam and Dean and a little angsty schmoop by quickreaver (Sam & Dean, PG for bare-chestedness) The expression on Dean's face is so mournful. I love the details in his eyes and his freckles are wonderful. But the very best part is Sam's hair. &heart; My line envy applies to this piece too.
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