March 27th, 2012

TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

21 jump street

My ridiculous love for Channing Tatum has grown exponentially after having watched 21 Jump Street. I didn't think I could like this guy any more after The Eagle but then he goes and makes this movie wherein says hilarious things like "I'll beat your dick off with both hands, what's up, let's go" or "You have the right to... be attorney" or does Collapse )

Mr. Tatum, this is for you:

I've submitted my xmenreversebang art prompt. I'm not entirely satisfied with it. There was more I could have done and I had actually planned on it. Oh well. Hopefully it gets picked and then I can make it up to the author for being an awesome person that chose such a sucky prompt by drawing more decent things.

Anyway. The union at my work is having some kind of barbecue thing today (who does this? it's barely 1 °C outside) and I'm crossing my fingers that Hot Classics Grad-Student-Turned-Prof is there. Not that I'll do much except hide behind things and stare at him like a creeper. :|