January 9th, 2012

TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

AO3, fic rec, and spn_j2_bigbang!

Guys, I think I'm doing AO3 wrong. I mean, I've bookmarked almost all the fics I've read so far and is there a maximum amount of bookmarks one can have? Because at this rate, I'm going to be bookaming ALL the Charles/Erik fics. Also, how do you link to an AO3 user like you would an LJ user and does anyone actually use it to post fanart or is AO3 only a fic thing?

Last night I read An Ideal Grace by nekosmuse and afrocurl and ASLDJFDLKJLK. It's a modern-day AU that features Charles as a Genetics professor and Erik as an English Lit professor. Charles' students drop out of his class because the time conflicts with the hot visiting professor's poetry class. Curious, Charles sits in on one of Erik's lectures and finds that he doesn't blame his students for abandoning him at all. Cue the confusion and misunderstanding as Erik mistakes Charles for one of his students.

This fic was funny and warm and the characters were engaging and it was just so so so good. And the important question is: ARE THERE MANY MORE FICS LIKE THIS?!

Take note! Writer and artist sign-ups for spn_j2_bigbang happens January 5th. :D :D :D

Also, I had a wrap for lunch and it had a ridiculous amount of onions which I picked out and now my hands smell like onions regardless of how many times I wash them. Grossss.