September 14th, 2011

TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

of music, recs, and christmas cards


Cobra Starship's Night Shades is on loop in my car right now and I'm really digging Disaster Boy. It took a while for me to come around on the new CD (a little too much club vibe for my liking, some of the singing sounds off, plus Shaggy OMG WHAT NO) but I like it. It's no Viva La Cobra (best ever) but it's good and catchy and generally upbeat. If anyone wants I can put the album up for download.

Recs in need!

I'll soon be embarking on a short road trip with some friends to attend another friend's wedding in October and I need tunes! I'm going to be stuck in a car with these people for hours and hours and while I love them, I prefer to drive with nothing but good songs in my ear and the open road ahead. Therefore, please rec me some good driving music!

Rec for you!

the road ahread is clear again by notalwaysweak (The Big Bang Theory). This was done for bigbangbigbang and it features a Penny that tries to do well for herself and then good things happen. It touches on the Penny/Raj and Penny/Leonard relationships from the show and clears them up neatly. The Penny/Sheldon in this is really more pre-relationship but the build-up is very sweet and believable. The supporting characters are also quite awesome. Author's summmary: Penny’s had enough of being a failure. If she can’t succeed at what she wants to, then damn it, she’s going to succeed at what she knows she’s good at.

Christmas cards!

Don't forget to give me your address if you want a Christmas card! Come one, come all, share in the goodness and joy of the holiday season. :D