September 13th, 2011

TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

have a holly jolly christmas

♪ It's the best time of the year / I don't know if there'll be snow / But have a cup of cheer ♫

You guys, Christmas is right around the corner and IT'S CHRISTMAS CARD TIME! :D :D :D

I know, it's still warm and summery outside but if I don't do this now I'm likely to forget or do it so late that you won't get cards until June of next year. The early bird catches the worm and all that junk. Besides, Costco's selling Christmas stuff already therefore it's fair game. Costco is my holiday barometer, jsyk.

So, in light of Santa's upcoming list-checking (twice) and reindeer-driven house calls, please copy + paste the contents of the box below into a comment and proceed to fill it out if you would like a holiday card from me. For obvious privacy reasons, all comments are screened.

Please fill out the above information even if you received a card from me in the past for I am horrible at keeping addresses. if you don't want to leave your name and address in a comment but would still like to partake in the holiday card lovin', you should email your deets to gina @ I'm aiming to have the cards mailed out by the end of November, or the first week of December at the latest. Lol, let's see if I actually stick to that timeline. Also, don't be shy! I like sending cards and you probably like getting cards so this is a win-win situation. :D