Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

Art: "Here There Be Dragons" (TBBT, Sheldon/Penny)

bigbangbigbang time! :D :D :D

Title: Here There Be Dragons
Author: trippy41
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Summary: The Doctor and Rose end up taking the wrong type of vacation. Instead of fun in the sun, they cross paths with a certain physicist and his blonde friend who are trapped in a state of inertia unique to them. However, there’s a twist: Sheldon becomes the Doctor’s companion, and Rose stays behind to form a friendship with Penny. They come to realize that they cannot replace one another in time, or space.

Click on any of the images to view a larger version. This was done for bigbangbigbang and for trippy41's story Here There Be Dragons. If you're a fan of Dr. Who AND The Big Bang Theory, then this fic is for you. :D

ETA: The story link is now available! Go read it! It's an amazing fic and totally deserves to be appreciated. ♥
Tags: big bang, fanart, fanart: tbbt, pairing: sheldon/penny, the big bang theory
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