Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

long time, no post!

So, let's see:

  • Christmas is almost upon us, so leave your mailing information here if you would like a card from me! Cards and getting stuff in the mail are cool, you guys.

  • More mail stuff! lizardspots' gorgous sad!Snape came in the mail. It actually arrived some time ago but I haven't really been able to thank her properly. THANK YOU, LIZARD! ♥ Also, I got kyasuriin's beautiful hand-made card last week! :D :D :D THANK YOU! I'll post pictures of both the art and the card soon.

  • My art for samdean_otp's Mini-Bang is done! Illustrations are here for "To Put Asunder" by mistyzeo. It's a Supernatural take on the classic Orpheus story.

  • hd_fanart's Art Fest AND hd_canon_fest starst posting this Saturday! There will be much Harry/Draco fic and art for consumption come October 1st.

  • Art for both of my bigbangbigbang stories are due very soon. Posting for trippy41's fic is this Friday and posting for ishie's fic is the weekend. D: Cue last minute panicking.
Tags: fanart, fest stuff, holiday cards, life in bullets
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